Instrument Engineering in Industrial University of Tyumen



Department of Physics, Monitoring and Diagnostic Methods

Bachelor's program


MURATOV Kamil Rakhimchanovich

Acting Head of the Department

Current position in rankings. The university is ranked 22nd in the Ranking of Higher Education Institutions of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation, 56th in the Expert RA Agency Ranking, and 62th in the Ranking of Demand for Engineering Higher Education Institutions.

Achievements and awards. Employees and students of the department actively participate in various contests and projects, become winners and prize winners.

Teaching staff. The educational program is implemented by the highly qualified teaching staff including three Doctors of Sciences, five Candidates of Sciences, two Assistant Professors, one specialist of the real sector of economy, Assistant.

The scientific school carries out its activities under the guidance of Vitalii Fedorovich Novikov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor.

Facilities and resources. The university has state-of-the-art equipment that allows students to develop skills and abilities needed for their future jobs. In the research laboratory of the department students develop new installations and devices. The available computer software and hardware support the study of existing computer programs and develop new ones.

Research. The main research topics include the following: development of magnetoelastic methods of state assessment of steel structures and articles; development of assessment methods of corrosion compatibility of metals; the study of mechanical properties of steels using acoustic emission technique; the study of mechanisms of formation and development of a software package for signal filtering to determine defects in remote magnetometry of pipelines based on wavelet analysis; development of magnetometric inspection methods for steel hawsers.

Education. The university provides practical and modular training that allows students to develop production skills and abilities. The work as part of project-based learning is planned, which was always actually implemented as part of active engagement of students in research.  

Strategic partners. The university cooperates with the Sibneftegazdiagnostika company specializing in industrial safety diagnostics and expert examination; Diagnostics Control Service Company Group.

Competitive advantages. Students acquire background knowledge and are engaged in research as part of course papers, graduation theses, and pilot projects. All this allows graduates to successfully pursue a Master's degree at the leading Russian HEIs.

Assistance and support for foreign students and teachers. The university created all the necessary conditions for foreign students' successful adaptation to the environment of Russian society and education and for overcoming cross-cultural communication barriers. The university has the academic advising system.