General Medicine in Professor V. F. Voino-Yasenetsky Krasnoyarsk State Medical University

Specialist’s program


Faculty of General Medicine


Ekaterina Kharitonova, Dean


Accreditation and achievements. State accreditation certificate (the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science), international professional-public accreditation (the National Center for Public Accreditation). Certificate of independent quality evaluation of the learning environment (the Public Council for Independent Quality Evaluation at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia). Quality certificate of independent quality evaluation of education (Research Institute of Education Quality Monitoring).

Teaching staff. Training is provided by the experienced academic staff. Eighty percent of the teachers hold academic degrees. The practical healthcare representatives such as heads of departments, chief medical officers, and chief freelance specialists of the Ministry of Health are engaged in the educational process.

Facilities and resources. Computer classrooms, specialized classrooms and laboratories. The department center of simulation technologies, the training center. The university clinics. A wide range of sports facilities.

Education. Training focuses on the practical healthcare needs. The educational program takes into account the region- and industry-specific features. The curricula include the disciplines developing the basis for basic medical knowledge. The competency-based and student-centered approach is taken. In-depth training is provided through motivated solution of particular practically or theoretically important issues. Practice-oriented training, project-based learning, and elite education. Individual learning paths. Parallel continuing professional education. The languages of instruction are Russian and English. Student research. Strategy sessions.

Competitive advantages. The flexible tuition discount system. Tuition is funded from the territorial budget (educational certificate). Dormitory accommodation for students. Guaranteed employment. The Professional Career Development Center. The university clinics for students and the psychological counseling and accreditation centers.

Employers and employment. The graduate employment rate is 99%. The faculty cooperates with the region’s leading employers, the Labor and Employment Agency of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Employment Center, and MedInvestGroup. The university concluded an agreement on cooperation in employment promotion.

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