Land Transportation and Technological Complexes in Industrial University of Tyumen

Bachelor's program


Institute of Transport,

Department of Transport and Technological Systems


Shakhbuba MERDANOV,

Head of the Department


Tel. +7 3452 28-33-86



Awards and achievements. From 2017 to 2020, the program has been annually winning the All-Russian project Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia. Victory in the XVII All-Russian contest of youth projects and educational projects "My Country — My Russia" in 2020. The student team won an award in Goldberg machines construction makerthon in 2020.

Teaching staff. Six professors are Doctors of Sciences, 38 assistant professors are Candidates of Sciences.

Facilities and resources. Mobile auto repair shop (PARM 4784-01), Mustang 3300v mini-loader with a full set of attachments, a dirt channel, a training model of a gantry crane with a K50 measuring set, TKT-100 and TKT-200 brake testers, OG-1 hydraulic stand, training models "Tower crane KB-402," "KB-1000," a set of test systems for assessing water pollution, a set of training models "Machines for earthworks," snow-and-swamp vehicle "Pelets," models of special emergency rescue vehicles, sets of teaching aids for special disciplines and much more.

Research. Adaptation of construction machines to the harsh conditions of the North, intensification of the building mixture production processes, increasing the efficiency of temporary winter roads and ferries construction, improvement of technologies and design of street cleaning machines, technical means of prevention and elimination of natural and technological emergencies.

Education. Individual educational trajectories allow students to build personal study plans, choose various chapters of disciplines for self-learning, set the difficulty level, choose the teacher. During project learning, cases by partner companies allowing to develop engineering skills are offered, as well as understanding of actual processes and demands of the modern production.

Strategic partners. Surgutneftegaz, Tyumen Oil Company, Yarkovo Road Construction Department, Avto-Dina, Tyumen House Building Company,  Dorozhnik, Lift Modern, Eks-Kran, Tyumengortrans, Special Constructor Bureau Gazstroymashina, Scientific Production Center Sibneftegazdiagnostika, Smart Si, Scientific Production Center Nefttranstekh, Tyumen Expert Center, Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia for the Tyumen Region, Avtograd, Academy of Civil Protection of EMERCOM of Russia (Department of Robotic Rescue Equipment).

Competition advantages. The program "Machinery and Equipment for Elimination of the Consequences of Emergencies, Natural Disasters, Extinguishing Fires" is listed among critical technologies and priority areas for the development of science, technology and equipment in the Russian Federation, approved by the President of the Russian Federation.

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