Technology of Transport Processes in Industrial University of Tyumen

Master's program


Institute of Transport,

Department of Automotive Operation



Head of the Department

Tel: +7 3452 28-33-42



Awards and achievements. The students are the winners of the All-Russian Graduation Essay Review Contest, the teachers are the winners of the competition by "Vladimir Potanin Scholarship Program" that issues grants to master's degree teachers.

Teaching staff. All teachers have specialized or pedagogical degrees. Colleagues from other countries are involved in the educational process, such as Mehran Sepehri — Professor of the Higher School of Management and Economics of Sharif University of Technology in Tehran (Iran), top managers of specialized companies — Daniel Silbereisen, Head of Department of Avisbudgetgroup branch (London, UK), D. Gavrilov — a member of APICS, APICS Associate CLTD Instructor, Head of Department of ABC Consulting (St. Petersburg), E. Kharitonov — Executive Partner of BME Group (Moscow), A. Sopov — General Director of Nordland Inc. (Tyumen), I. Anisimov — General Director of Smart Si Inc. (Tyumen).

Facilities and resources. Software for 2D- and 3D-simulation micromodeling of traffic and pedestrian movement — PTV Vissim and Viswalk (Germany), Aimsun (Spain), simulation macromodeling for transport planning and logistics — PTV Visum (Germany), optimization of traffic light modes Liza+ (Germany), AnyLogic (USA), search for optimal decisions throughout the complete business cycle.

Research. Improvement of the function of urban transport systems, lean production in transport, risk management in supply chains, supply logistics.

Education. Project approach, case method, game technologies, scientific seminars and conferences.

Strategic partners. Avtograd Group, Schlumberger, X5 Retailgroup, Magnit hypermarket chain, Roschino Airport, Gazpromneft Supply, Antipinsky Oil Production Plant, Administration of the Tyumen Region, North Ural Interregional Department of State Traffic Supervision.

International projects and programs. The double degree program in cooperation with Berlin University of Applied Research BBV (Germany).

Competitive advantages. The professional educational program "Logistics and Supply Chain Management" is carried out in the English language. A double degree opportunity is available. The program "Automotive Business and Safe Operation of Transport Systems" combines all the advantages of business education with engineering, economic and law training. Specifically for this program, exclusive textbooks and learning materials were created in cooperation with industry professionals.

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