Oil and Gas Engineering in Industrial University of Tyumen



Department of Machinery and Equipment for Oil and Gas Industry

Department of Hydrocarbon Resource Transport

Department of Oil and Gas Well Drilling

Department of Oil-and-Gas Field Development and Operation

Graduate School of Engineering EG

Department of Applied Geophysics

Bachelor's program, Master's program


GRACHEV Sergei Ivanovich

Head of the Department of Oil-and-Gas Field Development and Operation


ZEMENKOV Iurii Dmitrievich

Head of the Departmentof Hydrocarbon Resource Transport


VAGANOV Iurii Vladimirovich

Head of the Department of Oil and Gas Well Drilling


SYZRANTSEV Vladimir Nikolaevich

Head of the Department of Machinery and Equipment for Oil and Gas Industry


GALIKEEV Ruslan Maratovich

Director of Bachelor's program


Teaching staff. The highly qualified teachers successfully implement the programs and are actively involved in research, methodological and other professional activities. Training is provided by Doctors and Candidates of Sciences, Assistant Professors and Assistants. Representatives of enterprises of the real sector of economy such as employees of the Transneft Siberia oil transportation company, the NK Rosneft oil company, the Giprotyumenneftegaz oil and gas company, etc. are also engaged in the teaching process.

Facilities and resources. The educational process is implemented using state-of-the-art laboratory equipment. The departments have specialized learning laboratories for computer-assisted processing of geology and geophysics data, that allows teachers to use new teaching forms, methods and aids. In particular, they provide new opportunities for teachers to organize virtual practical and laboratory works using specialized programs. Students master and use specialized program packages such as Matcad, Matlab, Maple, Work Bench and professional ones such as GEOSEARCH, Prime, Solver, Techlog, SIAL, SCANDIG, DLS, Plex, Camertone, etc.

Research. There is a dissertation council at the department. The university annually holds the international scientific and practical conference dedicated to the memory of Professor N.A. Maliushin, with publication of a collection of the conference articles "Oil and Gas Terminal." The teachers participate in annual international conferences such as "Geology and Oil and Gas Occurrence in the WestSiberianMegabasin," "State-of-the-Art Technologies of Oil and Gas Geophysics," EAGO, EAGE, etc. Master students present their research findings in public. They are published in the leading journals.

Research is conducted in the fields of technologies of oil and gas well construction in the shelf areas of seas and oceans, upgrading of equipment and drilling-in technology, mud hydraulics program, and well cementing.

Education. Since 2016 the educational programs have been implemented in the format of practice-oriented (modular) training. During practical classes students principally solve the problems based on practical manufacturing situations. During laboratory works they study technological processes and specific characteristics of process equipment. Students have an opportunity to take vocational training courses, participate in conferences, seminars and olympiads of different levels regularly held by the department, the university, and other organizations.

The Graduate School of Engineering EG project is aimed at creating an innovative education ecosystem taking into account the region's needs and today's realia. The introduction of innovative teaching methods and the educational environment management principles will allow teachers to train engineers who are able to design management tools of the future and to be competitive on the labor market.

Training modules are implemented at the sites of the enterprises throughout the academic year. Students undertake internships at the leading oil and gas enterprises of the Tyumen Region and other regions. The leading specialists in geophysics from geological and geophysical companies and enterprises as well as oil and gas production companies and subdivisions of Western geophysical surveying companies such as Shlumberger, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Weatherford, etc. are engaged in the educational process. The programs suggest that Master students independently choose an individual educational path, use computer programs and simulators, which allows them to simulate complex-architecture well construction processes in severe geological conditions.

Strategic partners. The university maintains longstanding partnership relations with top oil and gas companies in Russia and abroad such as Surgut Research and Design Institute of Oil Industry (the Tyumen branch of SurgutNIPINeft), Rosneft, Gazprom, LUKOIL, Transneft, the Tyumen Oil Research Center, the Tyumenneftegaz research and development center, the Siberian Research and Analysis Center, Surgutneftegaz, Novotec, BP, Total, Shell, Shlumberger, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Weatherford, etc.

International projects and programs. The university participates in international oil and gas forums, scientific and practical conferences held by the partner enterprises, massive open online courses and IWCF courses.  The teachers give classes (lectures and practicals) in English and participate in conferences, exhibitions and forums in different countries (AdamsonUniversity (Manila, the Philippine Islands), "Golden Fleet "Zheng He" (Dongying, China), the CUPET oil and gas production company (Havana, Varadero in Cuba), etc.).

Competitive advantages. The facilities and resources are extended thanks to practice-oriented training with classes given at the premises and under the guidance of oil and gas industry enterprises. The teaching staff is highly qualified. There is an increased demand for graduates of the educational program on the labor market. Research can be conducted using state-of-the-art laboratory equipment taking into account the partner enterprises' business needs.

Assistance and support for foreign students and teachers. Throughout the year the following projects are implemented: "Public Reception Office of the Interclub" aimed at assisting foreign students in solving everyday and social problems they have to face; "International buddy club" and "Intervolunteers" aimed at creating a favourable environment that will help foreign students successfully adapt to Russian society and education and overcome cross-cultural communication barriers. The university annually holds the international festival of youth and students "Generation without Borders" to create a universal multicultural community based on the principles of respect for human rights and freedoms, striving for interethnic concord and readiness for dialogue.

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