Power and Electrical Engineering in Nizhnevartovsk State University

Bachelor's program


Department of Energy




Head of the Department


Tel. +7 3466 43-14-03

E-mail: energy@nvsu.ru


Teaching staff. The teachers of the Department are specialists in the field of electric power and electrical engineering, heat power engineering and heat engineering. Representatives of the real sector of economy, such as employees of Samotlorneftegaz, Glavgosekspertiza, Varyeganneftegaz, etc. are involved in the educational process.

Facilities and resources. The Department offers specialized laboratories for practical laboratory classes: electrical engineering and electronics, electric power and energy saving, electrical appliances, heat power engineering and heat engineering. The students train at a workshop of installation and adjustment of electrical equipment and a workshop of the Department of Energy. Each student has personal unlimited access to electronic library and electronic informational educational university systems. The students have practice at training grounds of industrial companies such as Samotlorneftegaz, Nizhnevartovsk Hydroelectric Power Plant, Nizhnevartovsk Electrical Network Rosseti Tyumen.

Research. The Department conducts annual research in the following directions: stability of electric power systems and diagnostics of electrical equipment; problems of reliability of the power supply system of oil fields, energy and resource conservation, efficiency and intelligent electric power industry; research and modeling of overvoltages in oilfield electric networks; energy efficiency and energy saving.

Education. Apart from the traditional studying forms, active and interactive learning is implemented: team work — joint activity of students in a group under the guidance of a leader, aimed at solving a common problem, case study — analysis of real problem situations and search for options for the best solutions, role-playing imitation of real professional activity by students with the functions of specialists in various workplaces, problem, contextual and individual training, experience-based training.

Strategic partners. Nizhnevartovsk Electrical Network Rosseti Tyumen, Samotlorneftegaz, Nizhnevartovsk Hydroelectric Power Plant (INTER RAO Elktrogeneratsiya), Urban Electric Networks. The university is a member of the University Club of Russia and CIS — partners of Schneider Electric.

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