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Far Eastern State Medical University has created an effective system for training top-ranked specialists, which combines the best traditions of the Russian healthcare school and the latest trends in medicine.

FESMU graduates are known and employed by the leading medical institutions in Russia and abroad.

FESMU is a four-time winner of the Open Contest for Russian Universities “Healthy University” and a three-time laureate of the Health Award city contest.

Advantages of studying

  • More than 70% of teachers hold academic degrees and titles
  • The medical student employment system: FESMU students can start working and earning money after completing their third year of study
  • Support for first-year students, advisement, assistance in adaptation, psychological support, individual academic support for international students
  • Support for students who want to pursue science. The scientific society of young researchers and students includes more than 2,000 participants. Students work at the Student Laboratory of Experimental Medicine based at the Central Research Laboratory. Active participants of the student scientific movement get personal increased scholarships
  • There are student professional associations of therapeutics and surgery. FESMU students are multiple winners of the Far East Surgery Olympiad and prize-winners of the International Surgery Olympiad in Moscow
  • The comfortable dormitories in the center of the city are located near the university. The central city parks, shopping centers, numerous cafés are within walking distance
  • Eventful and interesting student life: sports and cultural events, clubs, circles
  • The opportunity to undertake an internship at medical and academic institutions in the Russian Far East and the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region

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Tuition fees per year

Bachelor’s programs 42,000 – 162,663 RUB

Specialist’s programs 232,000 – 162,663 RUB

Residency programs 281,000 – 263,797 RUB

PhD programs 237,813 RUB


    • International applicants must prepare a package of documents required for admission (with notarized translation into Russian)
    • They must pass FESMU’s internal entrance exams
    • They may undergo a medical examination in advance, including HIV, hepatitis В and С, fluorography tests (the test results must also be translated into Russian)

    The language of instruction is Russian for all educational programs. The mode of study is full-time.

    Popular fields of study

    General Medicine  +7 4212 22-73-54
    Medical Biochemistry +7 4212 31-39-05
    Pediatrics +7 4212 32-69-90
    Dentistry  +7 4212 76-13-74
    Pharmacy  +7 4212 31-39-05
    Clinical Psychology  +7 4212 75-47-98

    Admission Office

    +7 4212 30-23-56
    +7 4212 75-48-00

    Fields of study

    Specialist’s degrees

    • General Medicine

    Duration 6 years
    State-funded places 245
    Tuition fees per year 217,749 RUB
    Entrance exams Chemistry, Biology, Russian Language (the USE and tests)

    • Pediatrics

    Duration 6 years
    State-funded places 145
    Tuition fees per year 217,749 RUB
    Entrance exams Chemistry, Biology, Russian Language (the USE and tests)

    • Dentistry

    Duration 5 years
    State-funded places 20
    Tuition fees per year 232,000 RUB
    Entrance exams Chemistry, Biology, Russian Language (the USE and tests)

    • Pharmacy

    Duration 5 years
    State-funded places 24
    Tuition fees per year 184,506 RUB
    Entrance exams Chemistry, Biology, Russian Language (the USE and tests)

    • Medical Biochemistry

    Duration 6 years
    State-funded places 13
    Tuition fees per year 217,749 RUB
    Entrance exams Chemistry, Biology, Russian Language (the USE and tests)

    • Clinical Psychology

    Duration 5.5 years
    State-funded places 14
    Tuition fees per year 162,663 RUB
    Entrance exams Biology, Social Science, Russian Language (the USE and tests)

    Bachelor’s degrees

    • Social Work

    Duration 4 years
    Tuition fees per year 162,663 RUB
    Entrance exams History, Social Science, Russian Language (the USE and tests)

    FESMU Medical-Pharmaceutical College

    • Preventive Dentistry

    Duration 1 year 10 months
    Tuition fees per year 110,000 RUB
    Entrance exams Competition of secondary school certificates

    • Orthopedic Dentistry

    Duration 2 years 10 months
    Tuition fees per year 110,000 RUB
    Entrance exams Professional and psychological interview and competition of secondary school certificates

    • Pharmacy

    Duration 1 year 10 months
    Tuition fees per year 110,000 RUB
    Entrance exams Competition of secondary school certificates

    Recommendations and admission requirements

    Admission is carried out on a competitive basis following the results of the Unified State Exams (USE) and (or) the results of the university’s internal entrance exams.

    Specific features of the profession

    The healing profession is difficult and interesting. It is about spacious mind, intellectual potential, all-round development of the individual. People who devote themselves to medicine should undoubtedly have a vocation for it and a number of ethical and moral, communicative, managerial skills.

    You should be ready to study hard. The study program is full of activities such as lectures, seminars, practical classes, homework. After graduation, doctors keep studying, and they regularly explore new medical studies and discoveries. Any decision must be carefully weighed and calculated because medical professionals are responsible for human life and health.

    Portfolio requirements

    The Admission Office takes into account applicants’ individual achievements such as documents confirming previous education with honors, medal; gold, silver or bronze badges of merit from the All-Russian Sports Complex “Ready for Labor and Defense”, and others. The points added for the individual achievements are included in the total competition score.


    Medical students study chemistry, anatomy, histology, physiology, psychology, and other subjects. The subjects they study at the medical university give them knowledge of the organism structure and function at different levels and help build a foundation for developing medical judgement.

    FESMU graduates develop doctor’s behavior and clinical judgement basics, the ability to complete professional tasks using clinical algorithms in healthcare delivery in case of medical emergencies, in prevention and early detection of diseases, treatment and rehabilitation of patients.

    Professional development

    • Career advancement to head of department, chief medical officer, university staff member
    • Mastering an additional medical specialty while taking retraining courses
    • Research activities – PhD studies, earning an academic degree
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