Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)

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international students from 80+ countries

MAI trains specialists in aeronautical engineering, rocket and space technology, engine manufacturing, IT, robotics, power engineering, new materials, etc.

Moscow Aviation Institute enrolls more and more talented and motivated young people from all over the world.

Every year MAI enrolls more than 600 foreign citizens:

  • in Bachelor's programs 400+
  • in Master's programs 200+
  • in Specialist's programs 50+
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Tuition fees per year

Bachelor’s programs 4,400 — 6,000 USD
Master’s programs 5,500 — 6,000 USD
PhD programs 7,000 USD

Fields of study

  • Aeronautical Engineering (RU,EN)
  • Aircraft Engines (RU,EN)
  • Rocket Systems and Astronautics (RU,EN)
  • Control in Engineering Systems (RU,EN)
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Informatics and Computer Engineering
  • Information Systems and Technologies
  • Software Engineering
  • Radio Engineering
  • Information and Communication Technologies and Communication Systems
  • Design and Technology of Electronic Instrumentation
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Bioengineering Systems and Technologies
  • Motion Control Systems and Navigation
  • Economics
  • Management

Admission Office for foreign citizens

+7 925 579-75-89 (WhatsApp/Telegram)
+7 499 158-40-97

Pre-university Training

Pre-university Foundation Program in Russian-medium

Subjects: Russian language, mathematics, physics
Tuition fee 3,000 USD

Pre-university Foundation Program in English-medium

Subjects: mathematics, physics, computer science, technical drawing, technical English,Russian language
Tuition fee 3,500 USD

MAI is a leading high-tech Russian university creating technologies that determine its tomorrow’s image and training leaders able to work with them today.

Over 3,000 students are engaged in the university research.

Priority Research Areas

  • Integrated Design
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Composite Materials
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, Internet of Things
  • Space Systems
  • Advanced Propulsion Power Plants
  • Avionics
  • Electric Power Engineering and Electrification of Engineering Systems
  • Robotization
  • Telecommunications
  • Additive Technologies
  • High-technology Products Service

Unique Environment

  • 140+ research laboratories, centers and student design bureaus
  • MAI airdrome
  • Mission control center
  • IT center and supercomputer
  • Wind tunnel
  • Flight simulators
  • Full-scale equipment samples
  • State-of-the-art testing facilities
  • Experimental pilot plant

Student Achievements

  • Successful participation in various engineering and professional competitions
  • Prizes in international Olympiads, student congresses, champion’s titles in aeromodeling, medals of the Academy of Sciences, and many other awards
  • Multiple gold medalists in the WorldSkills Russia championship in the Space Systems Engineering competency, winners in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems category

Student Design Bureaus

MAI has five student design bureaus that implement real-life research and design projects. Nine small satellites designed by one of them successfully do their tasks in Earth’s orbit.


  • MAI campus is a uniquely dynamic environment that has everything you need for professional, creative and sports development
  • MAI campus has nine comfortable dormitories and life amenities
  • MAI dormitory fee is 90 USD per month
  • Students live in 2-3 person dormitory rooms with a shared bathroom. The kitchen is on the floor
  • There are over 20 cafés, canteens and buffets on campus
  • Health insurance is 150 USD
  • Arriving students are met at the airport. They are offered a shuttle to the dormitory
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