Primorsky Territory

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Geography. The region is located in the extreme southeast of Russia. In the east and in the south, it is washed by the Sea of Japan. It borders China in the west, North Korea in the southwest, and the Khabarovsk Territory in the north. The area is 164,673 km². The central and eastern parts of the region are occupied by the Sikhote Alin mountains, and the western part–by the Ussuriyskaya and Prikhankayskaya lowlands. The branches of the Manchu-Korean mountains spread out along the southern borders with China. 

Climate. The climate is moderately monsoonal.

Average temperature

  • –20 C - –24°C in January on the coast. In continental areas, with a drier climate, the temperature reaches -38 °C.
  • +17°C …+26 °C in July


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Economy. The main industries are the fish-processing industry, electric power engineering and coal industry, mechanical engineering and ship repairing, mining, forest and woodworking industries.

Logistics. The Primorsky Territory has a well-developed transport network.

  • The total length of the region’s railways is 1,625 km. The Vladivostok Railway Station passes dozens of trains connecting residential places of the region and other regions of Russia
  • The road network of the Primorsky Territory is 11,117 km long, 9,454 km of which are hard-surfaced.
  • Regional and international air transportation is carried out from the Knevichi Airport located not far from Vladivostok. 

Tourist attractions

  • The Primorye Oceanarium, located on Russky Island, is the third largest in the world. Its building has the shape of a gigantic shell containing bright colors, huge dummies of ancient animals, artificial stones and ice, hundreds of fish tanks with crystal water. The territory is divided into nine thematic zones representing the inhabitants of all the oceans of the world and freshwater bodies.
  • Far Eastern Marine Reserve in the Peter the Great Gulf was founded in 1978. 97% of its territory are sea waters with hundreds of fish species, rare seaweeds, shellfish, coelenterates and spiny animals that need protection. The reserve comprises 11 islands. These islands have registered 780 plant species and 350 bird species.
  • The Tokarevskaya Koshka ancient lighthouse is a 12 m high white-stone tower located on the very outskirts of the artificial sand spit – Tokarevskaya Koshka, on the Shkota peninsula.

The capital is the city of Vladivostok, founded in 1860. The city has the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, universities, academies, and research institutions. There is the Primorye Art Gallery founded in 1929.


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Universities in the Primorsky Territory

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