Kabardino-Balkarian Republic

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Geography. The republic is located in the central part of the Main Caucasian Range. The state border of the Russian Federation with Georgia runs along the Main Caucasian Range. The bordering regions are the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, the Stavropol Territory, and the Republic of North Ossetia—Alania. The area is 12,500 km2. The relief of the republic is divided into three major zones: mountains, piedmonts, and plains.

Climate. The climate in the republic is diverse.

Average temperature

  • From −2,0°С (on the plain) to −12.0°С (in the mountains) in January
  • +25.0° С and +5.0°С respectively in July
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Economy. The republic’s economy is based on agriculture (cereal crops (wheat, corn, millet), industrial crops (sunflower and hemp), meat and dairy cattle farming as well as wood harvesting.


  • Kabardino-Balkaria is crossed by the federal highway А-158. The bus station in Nalchik provides regular services to such cities as Krasnodar, Anapa, Rostov, Volgograd, Volgodonsk, Novorossiysk, Stavropol, Cherkessk, Budyonnovsk, Pyatigorsk, Vladikavkaz, Makhachkala, Maykop, Grozny, Nazran, Mozdok, and Sukhum (Abkhazia).
  • Nalchik International Airport
  • Nalchik Railway Station

Tourist attractions

  • Mount Elbrus is the highest peak in Europe and one of Russia’s wonders. Plenty of people from all over the world come here to climb the mountain. The Elbrus region is a favorite spot for lovers of winter sports such as snowboarding, skiing, freeride (downhill skiing or snowboarding outside prepared routes), and many others.
  • Blue lakes of Upper Balkaria are called so because of their color that changes neither in winter nor in summer. The water is blue due to its special composition. The water temperature in the lake does not exceed 9°С even in summer. There is a diving center here, and that is why everyone interested can plunge into the water after receiving a preliminary briefing.
  • City of the Dead is located not far from Eltyubyu, an ancient Balkarian settlement located in a very picturesque place in the Caucasus Mountains. City of the Dead is an ancient cemeteries and a complex of mausoleums built approximately in the 10-17th centuries. Only eight mausoleums, four rectangular and four octagonal ones, have been preserved to the present day.

The capital is the city of Nalchik, founded in 1724, is a federal resort. The unique historical and archeological sites such as the Nalchik Burial Ground (the 2nd century BC), the Agubek settllement (early 3rd century BC), and the Dolinskoye settlement (the 2nd century BC), and others have been preserved on the territory of Nalchik.


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There are several art galleries and a state concert hall in the city.

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