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Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
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North-Eastern Federal University is the embodiment of high-quality education and innovative thinking. Today Russia and world science are proud of this university founded more than 120 years ago. Our programs offer a wide range of knowledge areas in engineering
and technology, natural sciences, humanities, and general education

Teaming up with partners, major enterprises and employers of the region and country ensures a high level of graduates’ competence. Recent graduates easily adapt to the job market and find a job even while studying at university.


to state-funded places within the Russian Government quota

  • Register in the education-in-russia.com system and upload required documents
  • Pass the competition at the Rossotrudnichestvo representative office in your country (RCSC)
  • State “NEFU” in your application form in the first place
  • Get a referral to NEFU

to fee-paying places

  • Register on the abit.s-vfu.ru portal and upload required documents, starting from June 20
  • Take online entrance exams within the period from July 16 till August 28
  • Sign your enrollment consent and agreement

Tuition fee

Language of instructionDurationTuition fees per year
Bachelor`s degreeRU4 years
160 000–180 000 ₽
1 761–1 981 $
1 624–1 827 €
12 731–14 323 ¥
Master's degreeRU2 years
173 000–184 000 ₽
1 904–2 025 $
1 756–1 867 €
13 766–14 641 ¥
Specialist's degreeRU5 years
160 000–180 000 ₽
1 761–1 981 $
1 624–1 827 €
12 731–14 323 ¥
P.h.DRU3 years
198 000 ₽
2 180 $
2 009 €
15 755 ¥
Residency programsRU2 years
198 000 ₽
2 180 $
2 009 €
15 755 ¥


Those applying for Bachelor’s/Specialist’s programs get extra points for diplomas of the winner or prize-winner of the North-Eastern School Olympiad for foreign citizens, honor certificates, and participation in Russian and international contests and Olympiads.

NEFU Olympiads that allow students to enroll in Master’s programs in state-funded places within the Russian Government quota:

  • The All-Russian Student Mathematics Olympiad with international participation
  • The Olympiad of federal universities for those applying for Master’s programs in Pedagogy, Economics, and Law

10 reasons to apply to NEFU

  1. High-quality and affordable education: NEFU offers a wide range of higher education programs supported by competent research and teaching staff.
  2. Attractive majors: NEFU offers programs in a variety of fields, including engineering, medicine, art, humanities, and others.
  3. Effective adaptation and socialization system promotes inter-ethnic communication between students from all over the world.
  4. Large scholarships (for state-funded students).
  5. Opportunities to work while studying for students at all levels of education.
  6. Career opportunities: NEFU cooperates with the top companies and organizations providing students with ample career prospects.
  7. Student life: a variety of student associations, events and clubs create a dynamic and interesting student life.
  8. A comfortable campus with welldeveloped infrastructure is a united community of students from all over the world. Students have access to modern libraries, sports facilities, and cultural events.
  9. International relations: the university maintains active cooperation with universities and organizations worldwide, opening its doors for international opportunities.
  10. Research in the Arctic: the university is the leader in research on the Arctic nature and climate, providing unique opportunities for studying this subject.
Alizana Sleptsova
International Student Recruitment and Adaptation Department
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677000, Россия, Дальневосточный ФО, Республика Саха (Якутия), Якутск, улица Белинского, 58
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