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NEFU is a multidisciplinary classical university, the largest university in Northeast Russia. It is one of the leaders in biology and medicine, novel materials and nanotechnologies, sustainable use of natural resources, ICT, humanities and pedagogy, cross-cultural communications, and many other areas. Founded in 1956 (Yakutsk State University), NEFU obtained the status of a federal university in 2010.

NEFU graduates’ employment rate is over 90%. They are in high demand among the top companies in the republic, Russia, and the world.

Yakutsk is the capital of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russia's largest constituent entity, which is unparalleled on the Earth in terms of natural and territorial conditions.

Average air temperatures

January -38,5°
July +25,5°

Time zone UTC+9:00 (MSK+6)

VK – @vfuniver
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  • 43 academic and laboratory buildings, 15 comfortable dormitories
  • The unique P.A. Lazarev Mammoth Museum, the museum of mineralogy, the museum of zoology, the NEFU museum of written language, the Museum of Archeology, Ethnography and Higher School
  • The International Center for the Development of Perspective Competencies "FutureSkills: NEFU," the OREH student business incubator (Top 180 of the world ranking of business incubators and accelerators in 2019-2020 according to UBI Global)
  • The Sergelyakh Lights cultural center
  • 28 sports clubs, the Dolgun swimming pool, the Yunost stadium, the skiing center, the Smena health care center


  • The Sergeleekh campus is a multiple prize-winner of all-Russian and regional dormitory competitions
  • Medals of the CASE-IN International Engineering Championship, the ICPC world team programming contest, international Internet Olympiads, and other contests
  • Scholarships from the Russian President and the Russian Government, companies such as British Petroleum, Rosneft, Gazprom dobycha Yamburg, the Republican Investment Company, Sberbank, and Russian Agricultural Bank
  • The first prize in the field of intellectual property IP Russia Awards in The Best IT Protection Strategy category

Cooperation With The Global Hi-Technology Companies

  • The Artificial Intelligence educational program
  • The Samsung IoT Academy educational project – students are trained in the industrial Internet of Things
  • The Huawei Academy's authorized courses for students on HCNA
  • Routing & Switching Technologies
  • Anastasia Davydova, a NEFU student is a Group ambassador in Yakutsk
John Anderson, Guyana

When I came to Yakutsk, I didn't know a single word in Russian. That’s why I entered the NEFU Preparatory Department. After three months, I could already understand and speak Russian.

That’s really fantastic! I like Russian very much, it's melodious and rich. Then I entered the NEFU Institute of Finances and Economics, the Bachelor’s program in World Economy. Besides my Bachelor's degree, I obtained a Master’s degree in International Business, and now I’m pursuing a PhD degree in Geology, Exploration and Development of Minerals.

NEFU is a modern university, it has a big campus, lots of beautiful buildings, and a great dormitory.

Local people are open-hearted. I’ve made a lot of friends not only among foreigners but also among local guys. All of us lived like a big and united family. In 2016, I was elected the

NEFU International Club President and was very happy. Life in Yakutsk has changed me for the better, and I don’t regret coming here.

Enrollment Campaign-2021

Bachelor’s And Specialist’s Programs

June 20 NEFU starts accepting documents

July 11 the deadline for accepting documents from persons applying following the results of internal entrance exams (If any extra places are available, enrollment in fee-paying places can be extended until October 15)

The deadline for accepting documents from persons applying following the results of Unified State Exams

  • July 25 state-funded places
  • August 20 fee-paying places

July 12–25 internal entrance exams

Enrollment orders

  • July 30 the stage of priority enrollment
  • August 5 the main stage of enrollment

Master’s Programs

July 12 – August 10 acceptance of documents
August 11-20 entrance exams
August 24-26 enrollment orders (state-funded places)

Admission to Bachelor’s, Specialist’s, and Master’s programs

International Relations Office

Head of the Office Vladlen V. Kugunurov, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation
+7 4112 36-14-53
+7 9142 97-88-27 (Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp)
VK – @ums_svfu

Mathews Chushi, Zambia

I entered NEFU in 2015. Now I’m a fifth-year student at the NEFU Institute of Medicine. I am dreaming of mastering the profession of an epidemiologist. I've changed a lot during my studies here. I realized that I was capable of many things. I've also become more communicative. I take an active part in research and the university’s social life. Besides that, I’ve learned to understand other people and their problems.

I make video clips about Yakutia so that people can see the beauty of the republic.

What I like most about Yakutsk is the people. They are hospitable and kind. Yakutsk has very beautiful nature. I can say to other international students who are still thinking about applying to NEFU that the university has everything you need for your studies. The teachers are approachable, they help foreigners. So, I recommend that you apply to NEFU.

NEFU offers grants covering up to 60% of tuition fees for international students

  • Bachelor’s programs. Civil Engineering, Architecture, Economics, Management, Law, Tourism, Oil and Gas Engineering, Physical Education. Tuition fee ≈ 130,000 — 139,300 RUB
  • Specialist's programs. General Medicine, Dentistry, Mining. Tuition fee ≈ 150,000 RUB
  • Master’s, postgraduate, residency programs. All programs. Tuition fee ≈ 146,600 — 173,600 RUB

Tuition fees per year*

Bachelor’s programs 275,000 — 355,000 RUB
Specialist’s programs 355,000 RUB
Master’s programs 294,900 — 377,800 RUB
Postgraduate programs 347,700 — 386,000 RUB
Residency programs 434,300 RUB

Summer And Winter Schools

Online Arctic School (summer session) 2021

Dates July 26 – August 6

  • Climate and Natural Ecosystems of the Arctic
  • Regional Development of the Arctic
  • Ethnography and Culture of the Indigenous Peoples

Online Arctic School (winter session) 2021

Dates February 22 - March 5

Application deadline February 19

  • Development of the Russian Arctic Zone
  • Regional Development of Yakutia
  • Culture of the Indigenous Peoples of Russia
  • Climate Change
  • Permafrost
  • Tourism in the Arctic
  • Transport Infrastructure in the Arctic (the Northern Sea Route)

Joint Educational Programs

  • Network Master’s program in Sustainable Development of the Arctic Hokkaido University, Japan

Double degree programs

Bachelor's programs

  • Linguistics. Linguistic Support of International Logistics Jiamusi University, China
  • Economics University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France

Master's programs

  • Geography. Applied Geomatics University of Aix-Marseille, France
  • Jurisprudence. Environmental Law University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines/ Paris-Saclay, France
  • Modern Materials in Energetics and Renewable Energy University of Cergy Pontoise, France
  • Archeology and Ethnology of North and Central Asia L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Kazakhstan

Preparatory Department For Foreign Citizens

Study areas: engineering and technology, economics, humanities, medicine, natural sciences, general education

Russian As A Foreign Language
Duration of study 1 year
Tuition fee 150,000 RUB
+ 7 4112 49-68-02

*The tuition fees are specified for academic year 2020/2021

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