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TPU is one of the engineering education leaders in Russia, a renowned center for research and training world-class specialists in the nuclear and hydrogen power industry, oil and gas production and transportation, IT, non-destructive testing, power engineering and electrical engineering, electronics, nanotechnologies, biotechnologies.

Research areas

  • Comprehensive Study of the Arctic Shelf
  • Space
  • Big Data
  • People with Special Needs
  • Industrial Tomography and Non-Destructive Testing
  • Robotics and Distributed Object Management
  • Hard-to-Recover Natural Resources
  • Clean Water
  • Environmental Power Engineering
  • Nuclear Technology for Medicine
  • The best campus in Russia: 32 educational and laboratory buildings, 15 comfortable dormitories including a 17-story building for Master's and postgraduate students
  • The engineering library (> 2.6 million books)
  • The scientific park, the business incubator, the scientific training center "Research Nuclear Reactor," the Center for Geological Training in Khakassia
  • The International Culture Center, 15 public associations
  • The health care center
  • 8 sports grounds, a 400-meter track-and-field center on the Polytechnic Stadium, 9 sports clubs, a 25-meter swimming pool, a climbing wall, a skiing center

Regional specific features

Tomsk city is located in the east of Western Siberia on the Tom River. It is the oldest major educational, scientific and innovative center in Siberia. Tomsk is called Siberian Athens: the city has six universities and plenty of research institutes, branches, and representative offices of universities in other cities.

The climate is continental and cyclonic. Tomsk is considered one of the cleanest centers by the air quality in Siberia.

Places of interest

Winter sports are hugely popular in Tomsk. The city is richly decorated for the New Year's Day, and a lot of snow fortresses and sledding hills are built in the streets.

Tomsk can boast not only unique Siberian nature but also historic architecture. There are a lot of stone and wooden architectural monuments in the city.

Gastronomic specialties

In Tomsk, you can taste various dishes made from the meat of roe, bear, deer, and elk, slices of frozen fish (various local species), Siberian fish soup with pearl barley and tomatoes, berry sauces, cedar nuts.

International student adaptation

  • Academic, medical, psychosocial, and sociocultural adaptation
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Necessary tutorial support
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