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TPU is one of the engineering education leaders in Russia, a renowned center for research and training world-class specialists in the nuclear and hydrogen power industry, oil and gas production and transportation, IT, non-destructive testing, power engineering and electrical engineering, electronics, nanotechnologies, biotechnologies.

Founded in 1896.

  • The best campus in Russia: 32 educational and laboratory buildings, 15 comfortable dormitories including a 17-story building for Master's and postgraduate students
  • The engineering library (> 2.6 million books)
  • The scientific park, the business incubator, the scientific training center "Research Nuclear Reactor," the Center for Geological Training in Khakassia
  • The International Culture Center, 15 public associations
  • The health care center
  • 8 sports grounds, a 400-meter track-and-field center on the Polytechnic Stadium, 9 sports clubs, a 25-meter swimming pool, a climbing wall, a skiing center

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Tuition fees per year

196,960—295,430 RUB

Research Areas

  • Comprehensive Study of the Arctic Shelf
  • Space
  • Big Data
  • People with Special Needs
  • Industrial Tomography and Non-Destructive Testing
  • Robotics and Distributed Object Management
  • Hard-to-Recover Natural Resources
  • Clean Water
  • Environmental Power Engineering
  • Nuclear Technology for Medicine

Scholarships And Grants For Students And Postgraduate Students

  • Grants from the Russian Science Foundation, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the Vladimir Potanin Foundation
  • Scholarships from industrial partners such as Gazprom dobycha Yamburg, Siberian Integrated Chemical Plant, Transneft Western Siberia

Preparatory Department For Foreign Citizens

  • Preparation for degree programs at TPU and other Russian universities
  • Short-term courses on the Russian language and major subjects
  • Winter and summer schools

Study areas

Bachelor's and Specialist's programs: engineering, economics, humanities, natural sciences, medicine and biology
Master's and postgraduate programs: engineering, economics, and natural sciences
Tuition fee: 135,200—171,300 RUB per year

Небера Марина Викторовна
+7 3822 60-64-61

English-Taught Programs

  • Big Data Technology
  • Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development
  • Electric Power Generation and Transportation
  • Operation and Engineering of Nuclear Power Plants
  • Nuclear Physics and Technology
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • Materials Science

International Cooperation

  • Academic exchange programs Erasmus+, FIRST
  • Double degree programs: Great Britain, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan
  • Internships and short-term study placements
  • Russian Language and Culture School "Siberian Holidays"
Veronica Krabisang Goves, South Africa

In my country, I completed my Bachelor's degree in microbiology and chemistry. Then I studied for a year in a Master's program. Later I entered TPU Master's program in Nuclear Science and Technology with a specialization in nuclear medicine. TPU delivers this program at an operating facility. I have studied for more than a year, and I am not disappointed. I believe that TPU is the best Russian university to offer this program. The program is very popular with African students because the number of cancer patients has considerably increased on the African continent. The development of nuclear medicine has become a fundamental issue for many African countries.

South Africa already has the equipment to treat these patients. However, there is a shortage of personnel able to work with it. Here I can get the skills to work with this equipment. When I return to South Africa, I will not need time to undergo additional training. I will be able to work in the field of nuclear medicine on the equipment already available there.

There are nuclear reactors in South Africa. One of them, in Pretoria, produces radioisotopes. I hope I will find a job as a specialist in the production of medical radioisotopes.

Let's Go To Tomsk From Moscow

Plane: around five daily flights, travel time is just over four hours, the fare is 2,700 RUB and more
Train: travel time is 55 hours, the fare is 4,000 RUB and more

Comprehensive Student Support

  • Meeting at the airports, railway and bus stations in Tomsk and Novosibirsk
  • Dormitory check-in assistance
  • Necessary medical support
  • Detailed instructions about security measures in the city and rules of conduct
  • Assistance in organizing leisure time

International Students Office

Ask any questions about admission and study at Tomsk Polytechnic University.

+ 7 3822 60-64-26

Regional Specific Features

Tomsk city is located in the east of Western Siberia on the Tom River. It is the oldest major educational, scientific and innovative center in Siberia. Tomsk is called Siberian Athens: the city has six universities and plenty of research institutes, branches, and representative offices of universities in other cities.

The climate is continental and cyclonic. Tomsk is considered one of the cleanest centers by the air quality in Siberia.

Places Of Interest

Winter sports are hugely popular in Tomsk. The city is richly decorated for the New Year's Day, and a lot of snow fortresses and sledding hills are built in the streets.

Tomsk can boast not only unique Siberian nature but also historic architecture. There are a lot of stone and wooden architectural monuments in the city.

Gastronomic Specialties

In Tomsk, you can taste various dishes made from the meat of roe, bear, deer, and elk, slices of frozen fish (various local species), Siberian fish soup with pearl barley and tomatoes, berry sauces, cedar nuts.

Average Temperature

-18 °С in January
+19 °С in July

Mina Sami Bules Tawadros, Egypt

I pursued the unique TPU program in Nuclear Power Plants: Design, Operation and Engineering. Egyptian students enrolled in the program within the quota of the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Graduates will have a chance to get a job at Rosatom enterprises in Egypt and nuclear research centers.

I liked the Russian education system very much. The subjects I studied were very useful and gave me much theoretical and practical knowledge. If you asked me to assess the quality of training, I'd give TPU 300 points out of 100.

A lot of practical training is what makes studying at the TPU different. This is very important for our profession. Egypt doesn't offer such opportunities.

I am going to return to my home country and work at El Dabaa nuclear power plant, which is now under construction. I am sure my knowledge will be of use to me in my future career.

International Student Adaptation

  • Academic, medical, psychosocial, and sociocultural adaptation
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Necessary tutorial support

Social And Cultural Events

  • National Day in China
  • Gala concert
  • Calligraphy and tea ceremony master classes
  • Tasting national dishes
  • Chinese New Year
  • Mongolia Independence Day
  • International Africa Day and other interethnic festivals

Annual Russian Language Decade: International students learn and recite poems by Russian poets, compete in the song contest, take part in the literary lounge meetings.

In 2020, the online Russian Language Decade brought together 740 people, including students from China, Indonesia, Hungary, Vietnam, Laos, Mongolia, Zambia, Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador, Algeria, Ghana, Nigeria, South Korea, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan.

Peoples' Friendship Festival is a good opportunity to make an improvised journey around various countries and cities without leaving Tomsk: attend thematic master classes, play traditional musical instruments, try one's hand at national dances and games.

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