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international students from 17 countries

KSU's priority areas of development are novel materials, information and social technologies. Supporting areas include natural sciences and humanities, machine-building and other applied engineering technologies, light industry technologies, culture and arts, biotechnology.

It was founded in 1918.

The winner of the federal priority project "Universities as Centers for Creating Innovations."

  • 18 academic buildings, 7 comfortable dormitories, the health care center
  • The Welcome center, the Song Theater, the media center, the volunteer center, the intelligent club, the student's music club

Tuition fees per year (full-time studies)

Bachelor's programs 100,000 — 213,000 RUB
Specialist's programs 100,000 — 110,000 RUB
Master's programs 106,500 — 251,000 RUB
Postgraduate programs 124,000 — 144,000 RUB

KSU Applicant

The most up-to-date and important information, news about admission to Bachelor's, Master's, Specialist's, postgraduate programs

VK – @abiturkgu

How to pass entrance exams online

How to submit documents?

  • using the Applicant's Personal Account
  • via Russian Post to the address: 17, Dzerzhinsky Street, room 114, Kostroma, 156005
  • in person, to the address: 17, Dzerzhinsky Street, room 115, Kostroma

Department Of International And Regional Relations

+7 4942 39-16-07
+7 4942 49-80-60
VK – @international_ksu
Instagram – @international_ksu (Meta is recognized as an extremist organization in Russia)

Admissions Office

+7 4942 49-80-44

Michal Šťastný, Czech Republic

I am a student at Palacký University Olomouc. During my study placement at KSU I studied Russian philology and tried to take part in various cultural and artistic university events, unfortunately, such events are very scarce at our university in Czech Republic.

I'd like to thank KSU teachers. They excel at their subjects and teach very well. They helped me improve my Russian.

I liked my study placement at KSU very much. I made lots of friends. I learnt a lot of new things about Russia and Kostroma, became more independent. I really hope that I'll come back to Kostroma again, as a tourist at least.

Enrollment Campaign For Academic Year 2021-2022

Bachelor's and specialist's programs

June 20 – July 12 acceptance of documents
July 09 entrance creativity exams
July 25 the deadline for taking internal entrance exams
August 05 an order for enrollment in state-funded places
August 10–31 orders for enrollment in fee-paying places

Master's programs

June 20 – August 14 acceptance of documents
August 14–21 internal entrance exams
August 26 an order for enrollment in state-funded places
August 26–31 orders for enrollment in fee-paying places

Postgraduate programs

June 20 – September 02 acceptance of documents
September 2–10 internal entrance exams
September 13–14 orders for enrollment

A Reminder For International Students

Entrance exams

Entrance exams are taken in Russian in a written test format, except for additional entrance creativity or professional exams (drawing, physical training, music).

ERASMUS+ Academic Exchange Program

  • Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic
  • Šiauliai University, Lithuania
  • Hochschule Zittau / Görlitz, Germany
  • South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences in Iserlohn, Germany

International Activities

  • Department of International and Regional Relations
  • Local Testing Center for Foreign Citizens
  • Russian-French resource center
  • Russian-Chinese Friendship Center

International Friendship Club

The Club aims to create favorable conditions for international students to adapt to life and studies in a different country, develop a multicultural environment, an atmosphere of unity, friendship, collaboration and creativity for students of different nationalities.

International Projects

  • Academic exchange programs
  • Summer and winter schools
  • Double degree programs
  • Inclusive education
  • International scientific meetings, lectures, master classes, round table discussions
  • The annual international student week "A Dialogue of Cultures – Culture of a Dialogue: East-West"
Gulnur Peyshembayeva, Turkmenistan

Since childhood I had been dreaming of studying in Russia, seeing real Russian wooden houses, enjoy real Russian winter, see sights in Russia, communicate with Russians.

I got a decent education at KSU. I am deeply grateful to KSU  teachers and staff members for this opportunity. My fellow students were kind, cheerful, active. I don't regret a single moment spent at KSU.

Now, thanks to my knowledge gained at KSU, I work as a Russian language interpreter in Turkey, accompany Russian-speaking tourists. Thank you, KSU! You'll always be in my heart!

Russian Language Course For Foreign Citizens

Duration of study – 10 months
Program length – 720 academic hours
Tuition fee 1,435 – 1,614 USD
Acceptance of documents (passport, translation) – until August 31 via inter2@kstu.edu.ru
Study period – September 15 - July 15
The number of students in a group – 10-12
Students can study online.

Upon completion of the course students take an exam (written and oral).

The course includes various aspects of the Russian language such as phonetics, grammar, lexis, writing, and linguocultural studies.

Classes are given by experienced teachers using up-to-date teaching methods, an individual approach to every student. Students visit museums, attend exhibitions and concerts.

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