Vyatka State Agrotechnological University

Kirov Region
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students, including international students from 13 countries

Vyatka State Agrotechnological University trains specialists in agronomy, biology, animal science, veterinary medicine, agricultural engineering, and economics.

The university cooperates with major agroindustrial enterprises of the Russian Federation that offer internships and subsequent employment for students and graduates.

Arrival and adaptation

The university staff members meet and accompany each international applicant. They provide support and assistance in getting residence registration, health insurance and dormitory accommodation.

VSATU focuses extensively on the youth policy which is mainly aimed not only at training highly qualified and competitive personnel but also at developing a socially responsible and creative individual leading a healthy lifestyle. All international students have ample opportunities to carry out research, creative and leisure activities such as implementation of scientific projects and participation in conferences at different levels, sports activity, volunteering, staging dramatic and dance performances at the university.

Tuition fee

Language of instructionDurationTuition fees per year
Bachelor`s degreeRU4 years
120 000–140 000 ₽
1 321–1 541 $
1 218–1 421 €
9 548–11 140 ¥
Master's degreeRU2 years
122 000–148 000 ₽
1 343–1 629 $
1 238–1 502 €
9 708–11 776 ¥
Specialist's degreeRU5 years
120 000–140 000 ₽
1 321–1 541 $
1 218–1 421 €
9 548–11 140 ¥
P.h.DRU3 years
149 000–159 000 ₽
1 640–1 750 $
1 512–1 613 €
11 856–12 652 ¥

Tips for learning russian

The most difficult thing for beginners is written speech.

  • Place emphasis on phonetics and spelling as writing plays an important supportive role in teaching reading, speaking, grammar, vocabulary
  • Learn to record oral speech:
    – Read in Russian
    – Listen to Russian music
    – Watch Russian movies
  • It is important that you start speaking Russian from the very beginning of the course. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes: everyone makes them!
  • Your teacher will appreciate your efforts to speak Russian and will try to understand you
  • Come to Russia to practice Russian

It is important that you don’t stop improving your writing and speaking skills at all levels of learning Russian.

Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Engineering, Technologies and Engineering Sciences
Agriculture, forestry, fishery, veterinary medicine, and animal science
Social and human sciences
Education and Pedagogical Sciences
Information and communication technologies, information security, and computer sciences
Social and service industries
Mikhail Litsarev
Director of the Department of International Affairs
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610017, Россия, Приволжский ФО, Кировская область, Киров, Октябрьский проспект, 133
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