Best Educational Programs: ANIMAL SCIENCE


Faculty of Animal Technology and Agribusiness

Master’s program


KOLOMIETS, Sergei Nikolaevich



Awards and achievements of the educational program. The Faculty of Animal Technology and Agribusiness implements seven educational programs: New Intensive Technologies of Pig Breeding; Resource Saving and Environmentally Safe Production in Livestock Breeding; Feeding and Feed Technology; Horse Breeding and Equestrian Sport, Animal Breeding and Rabbit Breeding; Genetics and Selective Breeding of Animals; Modern Techno­logies of Production and Cattle Breeding Product Processing.

Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology offers some more best educational programs in the field of Agriculture and Fishery:

FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT - Bachelor’s program, Master's program

ANIMAL SCIENCE - Bachelor’s program

VETERINARY MEDICINE - Specialist’s program

Teaching staff. The educational process is delivered by 21 Doctors of Sciences and 41 Candidates of Sciences including Academicians, Corresponding Members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, laureates of the Russian Federation Government Award in Science and Technology, holders of the titles of Honored Worker of Higher Education and Honored Science Worker of the Russian Federation. The educational programs are implemented by six departments: the Department of Genetics and Farm Animal Breeding named after V.F. Krasota; the Department of Feeding and Feed Production; the Department of Zoological Hygiene and Poultry Breeding named after A.K. Danilova; the Department of Large Livestock Breeding and Mechanization; the Department of Small Livestock Breeding, Economics, Organization and Management of Farming Industry.

Academy partners within the educational program. The academy established partnership relations with enterprises of Moscow, the Moscow Region, and other regions of Russia such as breeding farms, cynological kennels, hippodromes, state farms, and other types of livestock breeding enterprises.

Facilities and resources. The facilities and resources of the academy comply with the required standards and provide a comfortable learning environment for students.

The academy has six dormitories. The academy’s sports complex has free specialized sports clubs of football, arm wrestling, judo, basketball, volleyball, power lifting, sambo, freestyle wrestling and Greco-Roman wrestling. The academy annually holds the interfaculty sport competitions in six athletic disciplines and organizes the Healthy Days for the teaching staff, students, postgraduate students of the academy, with the participation of about 400 students and educators. Beside intramural contests, students participate in external contests.

Opportunities for students. Bachelor graduates have an opportunity to pursue a Master’s degree and postgraduate studies.

Some alumni are employed following a request from organizations. Many of them work at agricultural executive bodies of the the Russian Federation regions, at research institutions, at enterprises producing feeds and feed additives.

Employment prospects. Masters in Animal Science are trained for the following professional activities: engineering and manufacturing, organizational and managerial, research, design and teaching activities.