Best Educational Programs: TECHNOSPHERE SAFETY


Department of Biotechnology and Technosphere Safety

Bachelor’s program


TARANTSEVA, Klara Rustemovna

Head of the Department


Awards and achievements of the educational program. As part of the project “Federal Internet Exam in the Sphere of Professional Education,” the Technosphere Safety educational program successfully underwent an independent education quality evaluation according to certified accreditation teaching materials and confirmed compliance of training with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standards during the Federal Internet Exam for Bachelor’s program graduates.

The Bachelor's program is also offered by the Department of Health and Safety and the Department of Technosphere Safety.

Teaching staff. Eighty-eight percent of the teaching staff of the degree-granting department have basic education relevant to the disciplines being taught; 78% have academic degrees and titles. The department maintains extensive international relations actively used to arrange and hold international seminars and give advanced training courses with the participation of foreign specialists.

University partners within the educational program. The main partners are chemical, heavy equipment and food industry enterprises of Penza and the Penza Region. Alumni of the department work within their degree field practically at all enterprises of the city and the region. Some of them joined the university staff.

Students’ achievements. Students take an active part in the international research conference “Youth. Education. Science,” the international research conference “Environmental Problems of Economic Entities,” the interregional research conference of students and postgraduate students “Innovation Technologies in Economics, Information Science, Medicine, Biotechnology, and Education.”

Students took the first place in the contest of youth projects, the third place in overall team standing of the all-Russian Student Olympiad in Ecology (Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov).

Facilities and resources. The university has excellent facilities and resources to meet students’ professional and personal interests. The academic laboratories have specialized equipment. Students can benefit from the Spartak sports complex, a dormitory, a student scientific design campus.

The student self-governance system helps students develop over-professional competences. Students can unleash their potential participating in over 500 social, creative, scientific and sports events.

Opportunities for students. All types of internship are undertaken at the center for academic shared use of equipment and experimental facilities “Biotechnology and Techno­sphere Safety” of the department and chemical, heavy equipment and food industry enterprises of Penza and the Penza Region as well as at environmental organizations (the Federal Supervisory Natural Resources Management Service).

Employment prospects. Process engineer, environmental engineer, technosphere safety expert.