Best Educational Programs: RAILWAY OPERATIONS


Institute of Management and Information Technologies

Specialist’s programme


VAKULENKO, Sergey Petrovich

Director of the Institute


HEI’s image. The major study programmes of the Institute of Management and Information Technologies include technologic, logistic, economic and legal grounds for the management of transport processes.

Ministers and heads of the industry, managers of railways of the USSR, the majority of top-managers of the “Russian Railways” company are graduates of the Programme “Railway Operations”.

Programme presentation. The Programme’s graduates work in the following areas: technology, organization, planning and management of technical and commercial operation of railway transport; organization of efficient interaction of transport types on the basis of logistics principles and safety instructions of operating railway transport.

In 2013 the University founded research and training Centre of innovative technologies of transportation processes, intellectual systems of traffic control and integrated transport safety and security; the Centre was created in cooperation with the “Russian Railways” company. The University has in place academic and methodological base in the field of contemporary models and technologies of traffic management with simulators of dispatcher operation control on the basis of technologic process of Bekasovo station. The training hardware helps to demonstrate interaction of all the key posts of a distributing station. Students practice actions in probable emergency conditions.

Teaching staff. The Institute includes 16 departments (11 major departments), 18 academic laboratories, 11 academic and research centres. The research school “Development of Transport in Major Railway Junctions” was founded by academician V. Obraztsov, who developed a new branch of transport science – the science of stations and junctions, with its specific problems, regularities, methodology and best practice of calculation, design and construction of major transport building facilities. The research school “Improvement of technologies of shipping process and development of the system of intermodal railing” was founded by the Honoured Worker of Science and Technology of the RF F. Kochnev. He formulated the basic principles for optimizing railway capacity. The research school “Transport Logistics” was founded by Professor A. Smekhov; he laid the theoretical foundations for logistic technologies of cargo delivery.