Institute of Aerospace Instruments and Systems

Bachelor’s programme


FETISOV, Vladimir Andreevich



HEI’s image. Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation is the centre of education and training of specialists, Bachelors and Masters in the field of mod-ern instrument-making, which is recognized both in Russia and abroad. Graduates of the Institute of Aerospace Instruments and Systems are in-demand specialists who are pre-pared to solve complex engineering tasks and have favourable recommendations from employers concerning their level of training. A lot of graduates have become prominent scientists, experts and public figures.

Programme presentation. Technology of Transport Processes is the field of science and engineering which is currently called “Transport Logistics”. It is one of the most demanded qualifications at the labour market of modern economy.

Transportation problems, inventory optimization and location of warehouses have always been the focus of interest of producers of goods and services and merchants. However, nowadays it is important not only to solve these problems professionally, but also to do it in close relationship with globalization processes in the world economy.

A special feature of the educational programme is its orientation towards mastering intellectual technologies, which provide information exchange between partners in business-technologies, from the creation of specialized logistics information portals to the systems for monitoring the state of transport, warehouses, safety of cargo and its location in the global space. The Research and Educational Centre “Informational support” is of key importance in the process of education and training.

Contacts with foreign partners are developed, and annual international research and practical seminars are held within the educational programme.

Competitiveness of students. During the period of training future experts study specialized software for solving transportation and logistical tasks. Students regularly undergo internships and are placed for practice in the partner enterprises of the HEI (PulkovoAirport, St. Petersburg Seaport, etc.), where they apply theoretical knowledge.

Interaction with employers. Due to the high scientific and technical potential, the Department has extensive contacts with foreign colleagues and heads of transport enterprises of the North-West region of Russia. Joint scientific and methodological research and specialized business-trainings are conducted in cooperation with these partners.