Best Educational Programs: INSTRUMENT ENGINEERING


Institute of Aerospace Instruments and Systems

Master’s programme


FETISOV, Vladimir Andreevich



HEI’s image. The Master’s degree programme “Measuring Information Technologies”, which has maintained its popularity among Bachelors for many years, is delivered within the educational programme “Instrument Making”. The main activities of Master’s degree students are research and project work. Education is aimed at training professionals in the development of intellectual information-measuring systems and avionics for the complexes of aviation and aerospace equipment and other industries.

Programme presentation. Up-to-date information technologies and the methods of mathematical and physical modelling are widely used in education and training. Master’s degree students learn the methods for analysis and synthesis of information-measurement and control systems. The unique training base of the University includes laboratories with experimental facilities of various aviation devices and systems and other laboratories.

Conducting classes of the basic departments of the HEI at the leading instrument-making enterprises of Saint Petersburg is effective. Educational programmes in the given field of training are in great demand among applicants from many foreign countries.

Teaching staff. More than 90% of teachers have academic degrees and titles, and over 20% of them are Doctors of Sciences and professors. The educational process is delivered by both well-experienced teachers and talented young staff members, and by the leading specialists of industrial enterprises of Saint Petersburg.

The Major Department is the Department of Aerospace Measuring and Computing complexes.

Competitiveness of students. The student life is characterized by high research activity. Master’s degree students participate in research seminars of the Department and national and international conferences; publish their articles in journals, scientific and technical editions; undergo internships in foreign universities.

Interaction with employers. About 70% of students are employed at various profile enterprises of Saint Petersburg on the recommendation of the Major Department and the Institute of Aerospace Instruments and Systems. Students obtain the necessary professional experience and adapt quickly to their workspace in the future. Among the graduates of the University there are qualified specialists, prominent scientists, designers and directors of enterprises and eminent public figures.