Ecology and Environmental Management in Nizhnevartovsk State University

Bachelor’s program


Faculty of Ecology and Engineering, Department for Ecology


Tatiana Storchak, Head of the Department
+7 (3466) 45-60-23


Accreditation. State accreditation.

Awards and achievements. The research projects implemented by the department have been frequently supported by grants from special-purpose funds. Today the department is implementing the grant from the Russian Science Foundation “Demographic rhythms and
chronoadaptation of the indigenous and newly arrived population of the KhMAA-Yugra in the current context of climate change.” The scientists also conduct research in the area “EU policy responses and effective solutions to protecting the environment and human
health from climate change” as part of the European Commission grant.

Teaching staff. The professional community members – heads and specialists of oil and gas enterprises, research and design organizations in the KhMAA-Yugra are engaged in the educational process together with the full-time Associate Professors and Professors at the department.

Facilities and resources. The laboratories of biology, general ecology, microbial ecology and ecology of lower plants, ecology of higher plants, human physiology and ecology, physical and chemical research, and chemistry are fitted with state-of-the-art analytical, physical and chemical equipment, DNA structure analysis and functional diagnostics facilities, etc.

Education. Practice-oriented training and project-based learning, participation in Olympiads, contests and conferences. Gaming, project and research methods of teaching, collaborative learning models (team and group work). Individual learning paths, academic mobility, internships abroad.

Research. Over the years, the faculty has been conducting research in the following areas: ecological and physiological adaptation mechanisms of plants; human adaptation in northern territories; biodiversity, biological resources and environmental monitoring of the
Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Area—Yugra; ecological safety of oil and gas regions.

Employers and employment. The university’s cooperation with the region’s major enterprises (Samotlorneftegaz, a regional branch of Rosneft Oil Company; the Sibgeokarta research and production enterprise, the Yugraneftegaz Research Center, etc.), government authorities allows students to successfully gain employment in their degree field, improve their professional skills under production conditions, and participate in real projects and developments. Students can combine their study and work starting from the third year of study.