Instrument Engineering in Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation

Master’s program


Intelligent Transport Systems major


Institute of Aerospace Instruments and Systems, Department of System Analysis and Logistics


Vladimir Fetisov, Head of the Department

+7 (812) 494-70-93, 571-16-89


Accreditation. State accreditation. Professional-public accreditation.

Awards and achievements. The Master’s students at the department successfully implement industrial startups, participate in the interuniversity championships in the Aerial Robotics and Space Systems Engineering competencies, and get grants and personal scholarships from the Saint Petersburg Government. In 2022, the Master’s student of the ITS program was included in the list of the best graduates of the Saint Petersburg universities. Students have the opportunity to participate in international research projects and study at the partner universities.

Teaching staff. The program teachers are specialists in information technologies, transport logistics, instrument engineering and the transport industry professionals. The teaching staff prepares Masters for solving modern interdisciplinary tasks in the field of intelligent transport systems, unmanned transport systems.

Facilities and resources. The educational process involves the laboratories fitted with stateof-the-art equipment for interdisciplinary research in instrument engineering and transport logistics and hardware systems for identification of material objects in supply chains, specialized information systems on transport. Equipment of the laboratories for the Master’s program allows students to put new scientific ideas into practice when implementing their own startups and projects for industrial companies and develop device prototypes for further study of their operation in the real-life system. Research. Master’s students conduct their research based on the use of modern scientometric information systems. This research aims to find solutions in the field of instrumentation systems and hardware systems for transport processes, the use of unmanned aircraft systems, development of instrumentation systems for drones, construction of digital twins of transport system sections and making decisions to upgrade transport systems based on simulation. Master’s students study the models and methods of the system analysis when planning and doing research. In the field of unmanned aircraft systems, students have the opportunity to solve new tasks in the field of swarming and group solutions, simulate and study autonomous drone flights, and create drone control centers.

Competitive advantages. The program develops practical dynamic data skills and allows students to carry out a critical analysis of problem situations based on the system approach, elaborate an action strategy, substantiate and integrate new solutions in the existing transport systems.

Employers and employment. The Interurban Transport Agency (the Transport Committee of St. Petersburg), Northern Capital Gateway LLC (Pulkovo Airport); the Elektroavtomatika Development Design Office named after P.A. Efimov (Saint Petersburg), NTI Aeronet Company, the Transport Committee of St. Petersburg, and others.