Pyatigorsk State University


Full name of the organization: Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Pyatigorsk State University”

License, state, public, international accreditation and certification:

License No.2213 of June 20,2016 (termless) with right to conduct educational activities. Issued:  Federal Education and Science Supervision Agency.

Certificate of Accreditation No.2176 of August 11, 2016 valid until June 20, 2020. Issued:  Federal Education and Science Supervision Agency.

Certificate of Management of Education Quality No. 08009/0 of May 05, 2009. Issued: Quality Austria Training Certification and Evaluation Agency (Austria).

Rector: Prof. Dr. Alexander Pavlovich Gorbunov, D.Sc., Economics. Chairman, Rectors’ Council of the North Caucasus Federal District; Vice President of the Russian Rectors’ Union

Year of foundation: 1939

Total number of students: 4489

Specialization: Liberal Arts