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Health and Medical Sciences
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Ural State Medical University
Faculty of Dentistry

Duration 5 years
Languages of instruction Russian

Accreditation. State accreditation. International public accreditation.

Awards and achievements. The program has been ranked among the best educational programs of innovative Russia since 2011. A high level of student competence was confirmed during the independent evaluation of the quality of students’ knowledge carried out by the Informexpertise Independent Non-Profit Organization in 2019. The award from the International Association of Dental Students (IADS) for the best international clinical and research student exchange in Europe in 2021.

Teaching staff. The academic degree holders ratio is around 84%, the lecturers’ average age is 47.5. Every year the faculty holds international lectures by leading professors of international universities.

Learning outcomes. The educational process ensures the academic mobility of students in Russia and abroad. The information resources and study materials for students are available in E-learning and M-learning.

Facilities and resources. The field-specific departments use phantom simulators integrated into a single unit with a dental treatment unit. They serve as students’ manual skills training simulators. There are also computer programs for tooth color determination and preparation, structural modeling, periodontal diagnostics, computer tomography, virtual jaw displacement, prognosis of orthognatic surgery outcomes with 3D visualization, and biocompatibility testing of materials. The university regularly holds regional and all-Russian professional skills competitions.

Research. Since 2013, in cooperation with the Institute of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, at the Fundamental Dentistry Research and Education Center, the faculty has been conducting integrated materials science research on tooth tissues, structural and restorative materials and has been developing regenerative and digital technologies and molecular diagnostics of dental diseases.

Competitive advantages. Students undertake internships at the university’s dental outpatient clinic with state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, including 67 dental chairs, 60 phantom and 120 computer places, five endodontic microscopes, eight Carl Zeiss technoscopes, and two computerized tomographs. The faculty offers the bilingual continuing professional education program “Clinician Scientist” and the IT Dentist individual path modules. There is a volunteering center and a youth project accelerator.

Career prospects and employment. All graduates are employed. The university’s dental clinic and the university’s cooperation with top partner clinics such as the Dentistry autonomous noncommercial organization, Dental Clinic № 12, OSP, VITAL EVV, MEGADENTA-CLINIC, and others creates the opportunities for students to find a job in their degree field starting from the third year of study and improve their manual skills in a clinical setting. Students can successfully combine their studies and work.

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