Animal Science in Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named after K.I. Scriabin

Bachelor’s program


Faculty of Animal Technologies and Agribusiness





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Awards and achievements. In December 2020, the program underwent professional and public accreditation carried out by the Council for Professional Qualifications in Agribusiness.

Teaching staff. The program is delivered by highly qualified teachers holding academic degrees of Candidate and Doctor of Sciences. The academic degree holders ratio is over 80%. There are 21 Doctors of Science, including two Academicians of the RAS. The founders of top-ranked scientific schools, laureates of the Russian Government Award in Science and Technology are also engaged in the teaching process.

Facilities and resources. CleverMic U65 Advance (4K 65") interactive dashboard, Ova-Easy Advance EX incubator, a sterile cabinet, an abacterial air environment cabinet for DNA samples, microcentrifuges/vortex, a flatbed electrophoresis chamber, an EIA equipment kit, a mini homogenizer, Qubit fluorometer, a DNA amplifier, and many other devices.

Research. Study and improvement of livestock productivity and livestock breeding methods, cross-breeding, livestock feeding, diagnosis of diseases, creating an animal housing environment, and many other things.

Education. Visualization lectures, problem-based lectures and seminars, discussion seminars, case methods, problem-solving business games, project and research activities, e-learning and distance learning technologies applied in the format of webinars and asynchronously using the resources of the Academy’s educational portal.

Strategic partners. Agricultural enterprises in the Moscow Region and other regions, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian State Agrarian University-Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, Scientific Research Institute of Fur-Bearing Animal Breeding and Rabbit Breeding n.a. V.A. Afanas'ev, the National Association of Fur-Bearing Animal Breeders, All-Russian Research Institute of Horse Breeding, Russian Federal Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography, All-Russian Research and Technology Institute of Poultry Breeding of the RAS, All-Russian Research Institute of Animal Breeding, All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Veterinary Medicine named after K.I. Scriabin and Y.R. Kovalenko.

International projects and programs. The mega-grant "International Laboratory of Molecular Genetics and Bird Genomics" (in collaboration with the British and American scientists), research projects jointly implemented with the universities in Peru, Argentina, and Belgium.

Competitive advantages. Graduates work at enterprises of different forms of incorporation, research institutes, educational institutions of secondary and higher education, sports centers and schools. They hold leadership positions at major enterprises and government agencies.

Assistance and support for international students and teachers. The Academy provides a full range of consulting services for foreign citizens with individual attention to them. Bilingual teachers, advisors, and tutors are engaged. Foreigners are members of the Student Council, the Student Initiative Support Center, the Peoples' Friendship International Club. They are accommodated in comfortable dormitories.

International Relations Department: tel. + 7 495 377-89-36, + 7 495 377-65-24, English-speaking version:

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