Geography in North-Caucasus Federal University

Bachelor’s program, Master’s program


Majors: Territorial Planning of Socio-Economic Activity; Landscape Analysis of Territorial Development; Territorial Planning of Sustainable Development of the Region (Bachelor’s programs), Territorial Planning and Geomarketing (Master’s program)


Institute of Earth Sciences


Vitalii Belozerov, Acting Director of the Institute

+7 (8652) 94-62-11


Accreditation. The program successfully underwent state accreditation in 2020.

Awards and achievements. The Crystal Compass National Award of the Russian Geographical Society. The V.P. Semenov-Tyan-Shansky Award of the Association of Russian Social Geographers. The Russian President grant for leading scientific schools. The RFBR grants. The Russian Science Foundation grant. The Russian President and the Russian Government Scholarships. In 2022, the program was ranked 9th in the subject ranking as part of the Three University Missions ecosystem according to RAEX (Expert RA).

Teaching staff. Training is provided by highly qualified teachers who undertook an internship at the top scientific centers and universities of Russia and other countries. The academic degree holders ratio is over 90%. The teaching staff includes seven Doctors and over 20 Candidates of Sciences, including three Honored Workers of HPE of the RF, one Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the RF, two honorary members of the RGS. Scientists from Russia and the representatives of the real sector of the economy are also engaged in the educational process. Facilities and resources. The REC of Population and Territorial Planning, the Geological Museum, the laboratory of territorial planning, the international research laboratory of monitoring of social, demographic and environmental processes, the international research laboratory of natural and socio-economic characteristics of the regional development, classrooms equipped with multimedia, self-access centers, and computer classrooms. Education is provided using distance learning technologies, multimedia technologies, and the project method.

Research is conducted in the priority areas of regional and university development. There are scientific schools “Transformation of population reproduction, displacement and lifestyle,” “Regional landscape science, landscape ecology and biodiversity.”

Competitive advantages. Students can continue their education by pursuing a Master’s degree. They can undertake internships abroad and field internships.

Employers and employment. Possible positions are geography engineer, geography researcher, geography project specialist, geography project coordinator, geography manager, geography expert, urbanist, tour guide, geomarketing expert, landscape scientist, area studies specialist, regional ethnographer, geography teacher. The major employers are Kartfond, the Tourist travel agency in Stavropol, the Federal Service of State Statistics, the Directorate of Special Protected Natural Areas of the Stavropol Territory, the branch of the North-Caucasus Weather Control and Environmental Monitoring Service, educational institutions, and others.

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