Landscape Architecture in Orel State Agrarian University

Bachelor’s program, Master’s program

Institute of Civil Engineering








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Achievements and awards. The program was recognized as the agrarian education leader by the Guild of Experts in the Sphere of Professional Education and the National Centre for Public Accreditation as part of the project Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia. The certified quality management system is successfully implemented.

Teaching staff. The academic degree holders ratio is 95%. All teachers have discipline-related education.

Facilities and resources. Laboratories of chemistry, physics, plant physiology, soil science, specially equipped classrooms for geodesy, botany, dendrology, arboriculture, floriculture, landscape gardening, aesthetic forestry basics, an interactive classroom for landscape design, architectural graphics and composition basics, landscape gardening, aesthetic forestry basics; an interactive classroom for landscape design and landscape architecture theory, architectural graphics and composition basics, and a dendrology park located on the territory of the university where a syringarium was created in 2019.

Research. The promising research areas: study of species and sort diversity of ornamental plants; identification of adaptive strategies of woody plants and rare plant species in the urbanized environment and the specially protected natural areas; application of edible herbaceous plants in landscape architecture; ecological foundations of the urban green space development; preservation of the cultural and historic heritage of the Orel Region; improvement of professional training of specialists in landscape architecture.

Education. State-of-the-art educational models and technologies: learner-centered and computer technologies; level differentiation technology, modular training; the project method; interactive learning technology are used.

Strategic partners. Agricultural enterprises: NiKa-Design LLC, Zelenstroy in Orel; Orelagroelita; the GLORIA farm household, etc. Strategic partners participate in the program development, are facilities for students’ work placements, potential employers of graduates, members of state examination boards.

International projects and programs. The university maintains partnership relations with HEIs of Europe, East Asia and North America. Teachers and students undertake study and work placements and internships abroad.

Competitive advantages. The university boasts aunique dendrology park with a comprehensive collection of coniferous plants, flowering and flowerless trees and shrubs. Today 169 specious and forms of tree and shrubbery plants including 110 introduced species are growing over an area of 8.7 ha.

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