Maintenance of Transport Radio Equipment in Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation

Specialist's program (Maintenance of Electronic Radio Equipment of Airports and Air Routes specialization)


Department of Maintenance of Electronic Radio Aircraft Equipment




Program Director


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Awards and achievements. This program has been a part of the educational process since the founding of the University. Over the past 50 years, several thousand students have graduated from it. The program has successfully undergone over five state accreditations. The latest accreditation took place in 2019. Currently, the program complies with the Federal Educational Standard requirements. The education is carried out in accordance with the international rules of training specialists to maintain airworthiness of aircraft.

Teaching staff. The education is carried out by Doctors of Sciences — 20%, Professors — 18%, Candidates of Sciences — 45%, Associate Professors — 48%. The main discipline — "Radar Systems" — is taught by a renowned Russian scholar, honored worker of science of Russian Federation, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor A. Kozlov.

Facilities and resources. The classrooms are fitted with up-to-date audiovisual equipment, the laboratories are fitted with training stands that use real samples of aviation equipment, etc.

Education. Computational practice is carried out at special computer classrooms of the Department; radio installation and operational training practice – at the aviation technical training center of the University (Sheremetyevo); research practice — at the laboratories of the Department, International Air Navigation Systems Concern Inc., State Research Institute of Aviation Systems, State research Institute of Civil Aviation;  technology practice — at Almaz Research Company; production operational practice  —at the Moscow Air Traffic Control Center; pre-graduate practice — at the aviation companies and research institutions that are the future employers.

Strategic partners. Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation, N. Zhukovskiy and Yu. Gagarin Military Air Academy, Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime State University, International Air Navigation Systems Concern, State Corporation for Air Traffic Management, State Research Institute of Aviation Systems, State Research Institute of Civil Aviation, All-Russian Research Institute of Radio Equipment.

Textbooks and methodological literature are published in cooperation with the partners, such as:

1. Fundamentals of Information Protection in Transport.

2. Theoretical Foundations of Radar Location and Radio Navigation.

Competitive advantages. Many graduates become employed at research and educational institutions of civil aviation and operational enterprises of civil aviation that offer high salary and career opportunities. The graduates are in demand at design bureaus of the aviation industry as well.

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