Materials Science and Engineering in North-Caucasus Federal University

Bachelor's program


Faculty of Physics and Technology


Valentina VOLKOVA,


Tel. + 7 652 33-02-92



Achievements. The program successfully underwent state accreditation in 2020. Students take an active part in regional, all-Russian and international conferences, including the annual research and practice conference "University Science for the Region," the international research and practice conference "Current Issues in Contemporary Science," the All-Russian research student conference "Students' Scientific Potential for the Future of Russia," the 4th All-Russian Forum "Science of the Future – Science of the Young," and the 3rd International research conference "Science of the Future," the 11th All-Russian research and practice conference "Nanotechnologies: Education, Science, Innovations," the 6th International youth research and practice conference "Current Issues in Modern Materials Science," the 7th International research online conference "Physicochemical Biology," and others.

Teaching staff. The program is delivered by nine teachers. Over 85% have an academic degree of Candidate of Sciences. The faculty develops academic staff mobility. The scientists from other Russian cities are engaged in the program delivery.

Research is conducted in the following areas: development and study of superhydrophobic protective nanocoatings, development of synthesis technology for low-agglomerated powders of yttrium aluminum garnet, including that doped with various rare-earth elements intended for making optical ceramics, etc.

Education. A materials scientist is a scientist and engineer who conducts fundamental research on materials, including nanomaterials, develops production and research technologies for them, studies the issues of standardization, certification, production and recycling of materials.

During their studies, materials scientists study the materials that are already in place, find new areas of application for them, improve the safety and sustainability of materials, processes of their production and recycling. Much attention is given to the preparation of materials science students for management activities. Additionally, students study management basics, economics, manufacturing company management. For training, NCFU uses its state-of-the-art specialized learning and research laboratories: NCFU Research Equipment Sharing Center, research laboratory of optics and spectroscopy of condensed matters, the Clean Zones Scientific and Laboratory Complex.

Strategic partners. Most of the research is conducted to benefit enterprises such as Monocrystal, the Signal radio manufacturing plant of Stavropol, the LUM research and production company, the Optron-Stavropol power semiconductor manufacturer.

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