Compatriot Status

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How to get a state-funded place at a Russian university? Way 3

How can you know that you have compatriot status? That's quite simple – permanent residence abroad is a mandatory initial condition here. Moreover, you must have no residence permit or temporary residence permit. Then find out if you fall under one of the following categories.

  • Living abroad mandatory condition
  • Persons who had the USSR citizenship
  • Persons who are lineal descendants of emigrants
  • Persons who are lineal descendants of persons who had the USSR citizenship
  • Emigrants

Compatriots who are not Russian citizens do not have exclusive rights when applying to Russian universities. We are talking about exclusive rights related to applicants' social status and achievements. It means that if you are applying to a university as a compatriot, these exclusive rights do not work in your case.

Hotline for foreign citizens applying to Russian universities
+7 495 122-22-68

In Issue 5 of HED, we highlighted the admission of compatriots to Russian universities. Be sure to read it, and you will find a lot of useful information.

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