Discovering Russia. Krasnodar Territory – Kuban

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A combination of favorable climatic conditions and deposits of mineral waters and therapeutic muds makes the Krasnodar Territory the most popular resort and tourist region in Russia.

There are many natural attractions here: besides sea and beaches, guests can see reserves with rare plants and animals, rapid rivers, amazing mountain views, picturesque lakes and waterfalls. Those keen on outdoor activities can go diving or conquer snow-covered pistes of the Krasnaya Polyana, go on a jeep tour or do water sports.

The Krasnodar Territory boasts numerous man-made monuments, interesting museums and ancient buildings, because this territory has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The most beautiful cities in the Krasnodar Territory include Sochi, a pearl of the Black Sea coast, Anapa, a kid-friendly resort, Tuapse seaport and Gelendzhik famous for its picturesque embankment. In Krasnodar, the capital of the region, you'll see noisy and entertaining life of a modern supercity with inimitable southern flair. If you go to the Sea of Azov, visit Temryuk, the largest city in Taman, and you should go to Armavir to feel the spirit of real Caucasus.

Average Expenses

20, 554 RUB ≈ 267 USD per month, exclusive of accommodation fees, Krasnodar
3, 000 RUB ≈ 39 USD a food basket per week
300 RUB ≈ 4 USD Mac menu at McDonalds or an alternative fast food cafe
462 RUB ≈ 6 USD Internet bill per month
1,746 RUB ≈ 23 USD fitness club membership
327 RUB ≈ 4 USD a movie ticket
from 200 RUB ≈ 2,6 USD a football ticket
15,000 RUB ≈ 195 USD renting a one-room apartment

The Most Beautiful Cities In The Krasnodar Territory

Sochi is the prettiest resort in the region
Gelendzhik is famous for its picturesque embankment
Krasnodar is modern and noisy
Anapa is a popular kid-friendly resort
Tuapse is a seaport city
Novorossiysk is a hero city with interesting naval history
Goryachiy Klyuch is a popular spa resort
Armavir is a picturesque Kuban city
Yeysk – beautiful family-friendly beaches
Temryuk is famous for its wines and therapeutic muds

Krasnaya Polyana is the best mountain ski resort in Russia. It boasts numerous fun parks, lookouts with mountain views, extreme entertainment, and all kinds of tours.

Krasnodar Territory is the warmest region in Russia. Sunny weather can be observed for 2,300 hours per year.

Krasnodar, the capital of Kuban, is the large administrative center in the South of Russia, "Caucasus gate." It is located 150 km from the Black Sea and the Azov sea, 1,300 km south of Moscow – approximately 1.5 hours from the capital by plane. The Krasnodar park ensemble is one of the most popular places in the city. It was recognized as one of the best Eurasian parks and won Eurasian Park Awards.

The Black Sea coast from Kerch Strait to Adler is characterized by subtropical climate. The northwestern part of the district – to Tuapse – has Mediterranean climate, with hot summer and rainy and comparatively cold winter.

The southeastern part has humid subtropical climate, precipitation is evenly distributed throughout the year, there is almost no snow in winter.

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