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foreign citizens from 35 countries

Irkutsk State University is the region's largest scientific and educational institution. The university provides training in a wide range of subjects in natural sciences, mathematics, humanities, social sciences, pedagogy, and linguistics.

Foreign citizens can choose any field of study at the university.

The university offers the system of tuition fee discounts


  • Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies
  • Institute of Philology, International Languages and Media Communication
  • Institute of Social Sciences
  • International Institute of Economics and Linguistics
  • Pedagogical Institute
  • Law Institute


  • Faculty of Biology and Soil Studies
  • Faculty of Geography
  • Faculty of Geology
  • Faculty of History
  • Siberian-American School of Management
  • Faculty of Psychology
  • Faculty of Business Communication and Computer Science
  • Faculty of Physics
  • Faculty of Chemistry
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Tuition fee per year

157,800 – 213,600 RUB

    Advantages of studying at ISU

    • The university is ranked in leading global rankings such as THE and QS
    • Well-developed scientific infrastructure:
      • research institutes and laboratories
      • a research library
      • an astronomic observatory
      • a botanical garden
      • practical training facilities on the shore of Lake Baikal
    • Eventful student life: numerous student associations, the culture and leisure center, sports clubs, student social support programs
    • The city of Irkutsk is one of the historic Siberian cities having well-developed transport infrastructure and affordable cost of living. It is located 70 km from unique Lake Baikal
    • High-quality education provided by Irkutsk State University is the best start for professional success both in Russia and other countries

    Doors Open Days
    Professions of the future at ISU
    Admission regulations

    Popular fields of study

    • Applied Mathematics and Informatics
    • Linguistics
    • Management
    • International Relations
    • Psychology
    • Law

    Master's programs

    The mode of study is full-time, the language of instruction is English 

    • Business Communication: Models, Instruments, Technologies
    • Applied Finance

    Preparatory Faculty for Foreign Citizens

    Foreign citizens at ISU are trained by the highly qualified teachers. All of them have many years' experience in working with foreign citizens, are knowledgeable about modern information technologies, and are authors of textbooks and study guides.

    Study areas:

    • humanities
    • economics
    • natural sciences
    • medicine and biology
    • engineering and technology

    Duration 10  months

    Tuition fee 108,000 – 110,000 RUB

    How to get into ISU

    1. Choose a field of study and financing option (fee-paying place/state-funded place)
      If you have any questions, you can contact the university representative by email
    2. Submit the complete package of documents
      The documents are submitted to the university's Admission Office on June 20 - August 18, 2023. You should submit the notarized translations of your passport and academic credentials
    3. Pass the university's entrance exams
      The entrance exams will be held on August 19 -30, 2023. The exam schedule will be sent to your email address
    4. Sign the agreement and pay your tuition fee
      If you successfully pass your entrance exams for fee-paying places, the university representative will send you the agreement
    5. Get an official invitation from the university
      The invitation will be issued within a month
    6. Buy a ticket
      You should buy a ticket to Irkutsk and inform the university coordinator of your arrival to arrange the meeting at the airport
    7. Arrival in Irkutsk and registration at the university
      The university representative will meet you at the airport and take you to the dormitory, and the International Office staff member will familiarize you with the rules of stay in Russia and will help you get migration registration

    Foreign citizens can take their entrance exams online.

    Foreign citizens can study for free:

    • within the Russian Government quota. They can apply for a scholarship through the information system, then undergo the qualifying rounds at the Rossotrudnichestvo representative office
    • as part of the program supporting compatriots living abroad

    International Office

    +7 3952 20-02-85

    Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages and Media Communication

    This is one of the largest subdivisions of Irkutsk State University which trains specialists in linguistics, philology, and journalism.

    The Institute comprises the Faculty of Theoretical and Applied Philology, the Faculty of Foreign Languages, and the Higher School of Journalism where around 2,000 Russian and international students are currently pursuing the following fields of study:

    • Philology (Bachelor’s and Master’s programs)
    • Linguistics (Bachelor’s and Master’s programs)
    • Journalism (Bachelor’s and Master’s programs)
    • Pedagogical Education (Bachelor’s program)
    • Foreign Region Studies (Master’s program)

    The institute graduates work as translators and interpreters, teachers, editors, journalists, copywriters, international relations specialists.

    The Institute offers a wide range of supplementary educational programs for international students:

    • Russian language and philology internships
    • Courses of Russian as a Foreign Language
    • Baikal summer schools of Russian as a foreign language
    • English language summer school
    • Online courses of Russian as a Foreign Language
    • Russian literature courses
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