Moscow State University of Technology "STANKIN"

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Bachelor's programs
Specialist's program
Master's programs, including English-taught Master's programs
PhD programs
students and PhD students
international students from 73 countries

The leading technological university for digital mechanical engineering, a first-class research center. The university trains unique specialists using individual learning paths and a project-based approach to designing a curriculum.

Graduates are in high demand in high-tech industries of the economy, at large manufacturing enterprises, in the IT industry, modern digital projects related to the Industry 4.0 technology implementation.

Doors Open Days
VK – @msut_stankin
Telegram – @msutstankin
Tiktok – @stankin_main

Tuition fees per year

Bachelor's programs 229,700 – 273,700 RUB

Master's programs 254,400 – 299,400 RUB

PhD programs 291,000 – 317,100 RUB

International Olympiads for admission

  • 'MOCT' Multidisciplinary Olympiad for School Students

All participants get a 10% discount for the entire period of study.

Subjects: Russian language, mathematics, physics, chemistry, informatics, and social science.

  • My Career. Multidisciplinary Olympiad for Master's Degree Applicants 

The winners are entitled to Master's studies funded from federal budget resources.

All participants get a 10% discount for the entire period of study.


Students who show outstanding academic abilities and take an active part in the university's scientific and social life get increased scholarships and individual discounts.

Enrollment campaign

  • When applying for Russian-taught programs, international students take two exams: mathematics and Russian language
  • When applying for English-taught programs, applicants have an interview in English


Required documents

  • Applicant's identity document
  • Citizens of the countries that maintain a visa regime with Russia must get a visa first
  • Original foreign document confirming the level of education and (or) qualification (or its copy certified according to the established procedure) and transcript
  • Foreign document confirming the level of education and (or) qualification and transcript translated into Russian
  • Duly executed medical records confirming that the applicant has no contraindications to studying at university
  • 6 photos (matte, 3×4 cm) and 6 photos (matte, 2×3 cm)
  • The amount of money sufficient to pay tuition and accommodation fees (for 1 year), health insurance policy

Director of the Center of International Cooperation
Nadezhda Popova
+7 499 972-94-11
+7 499 973-39-66

Do Thi Le, Vietnam. The Preparatory Department attendee

Thanks to the Multidisciplinary International Olympiad for Master’s Degree Applicants “My Career” in which I was lucky to participate in 2022, I managed to get the Russian Government quota to study at MSUT "STANKIN" for free.

MSUT "STANKIN" boasts wonderful teachers that help us actively improve our Russian. We live in the student dormitory with a very friendly atmosphere. We always communicate with Russian students, which allows us to learn more about Russian culture.

Popular fields of study

  • Informatics and Computer Engineering (Bachelor's programs, Master's programs, PhD programs)
  • Software Engineering (Bachelor's programs, Master's programs)
  • Instrument Engineering (Bachelor's programs, Master's programs)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor's programs, PhD programs)
  • Automation of Technological Processes and Production (Bachelor's programs, Master's programs)
  • Design and Technological Support of Mechanical Engineering Production (Bachelor's programs, Master's programs)
  • Mechatronics and Robotics (Bachelor's programs, Master's programs)
  • Technosphere Safety (Bachelor's programs, Master's programs)
  • Materials Science and Materials Technology (Bachelor's programs)
  • Quality Management (Bachelor's programs)
  • Control in Engineering Systems (Bachelor's programs, PhD programs)
  • Economics (Bachelor's programs, PhD programs)
  • Management (Bachelor's programs, Master's programs)
  • Physics and Astronomy (PhD programs)
  • Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies (PhD programs)

Preparatory department

Russian language course and university admission preparation.

Tuition fee 65,000 – 250,000 RUB

After students successfully complete their studies at the Preparatory Faculty, they can get individual discounts on their further studies at the university.

La Tuan Anh, Vietnam. The third-year PhD student at the Department of Applied Mathematics

After completing my Master’s degree, I decided to move to the capital of Russia to continue my education at the best scientific school of MSUT "STANKIN." We constantly participate in research conferences, which makes it possible to practice Russian and demonstrate our research achievements. The department staff members are very friendly, they always give tips and help us with our research theses.

Nguyen Minh Hoang, Việt Nam. Sinh viên năm 2 chuyên ngành Kỹ thuật cơ khí

Tôi học tại khoa «Công nghệ kỹ thuật cơ khí». Tôi rất thích thái độ của giáo viên đối với học sinh nước ngoài, họ giảng dạy trên lớp học bằng ngôn ngữ dễ hiểu.

Trong tương lai, tôi dự định tiếp tục học thạc sĩ tại MSTU «STANKIN», vì bộ môn của chúng tôi có những lợi thế rất lớn và cơ sở thiết bị kỹ thuật rất phát triển.

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