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Krasnoyarsk State Medical University is one of the leading medical universities in Russia. The university has five research laboratories and a research institute. 

Among the teachers are chief freelance specialists at regional and federal levels and laureates of prestigious international and Russian awards for research and teaching achievements.

The clinical facilities of KrasSMU are located at more than 200 healthcare organizations in the city and territory and are fitted with up-to-date diagnostic and medical treatment equipment.

Students from 28 countries have already chosen KrasSMU. Start your journey to a successful future with KrasSMU!
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Tuition fees per year

from 226,700 RUB

Why KrasSMU?

  • Excellence in teaching
  • Extensive medical facilities and state-of-the-art equipment
  • 6 clinical facilities and more than 200 practical training facilities at the university
  • Multidisciplinary accreditation and simulation center
  • International accreditation of educational programs
  • Active student life
  • The opportunity to get a tuition discount
  • The university’s sports and fitness center, including a swimming pool, a skiing center, and a training and recreation facility at Lake Shira

Enrollment campaign

The university starts accepting documents online (via the Applicant’s Personal Account) in June

Entrance exams (July – September)

English-taught programs:

  • Computer-based chemistry test in English (online)
  • Computer-based biology test in English (online)

Russian-taught programs:

  • Computer-based tests in Russian: Biology/Chemistry/Mathematics/Social Science/Physics/Informatics/English Language/Russian Language (depending on the chosen specialty)


Within the quota (free of charge)

  1. Apply for participation in the competition on the website of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia
  2. Fill in the application form and upload the required documents
  3. Wait for a response to your application

On a fee-paying basis

  1. From June 10, register in the Applicant’s Personal Account at, fill in the application form, and upload the required documents
  2. Wait till the status “Accepted” is assigned
  3. Take exams on the set dates 
  4. Find yourself in the competitive lists and pay your tuition fees
  5. Come to Russia

Information for applicants

Required documents

  • Passport + its notarized translation
  • Original academic credential + its notarized translation
  • Foreign education recognition certificate (if necessary)

Admission Office

+7 391 228-08-58 (multichannel)
(for English speakers)

Preparatory Department

KrasSMU has the Preparatory Department for foreign citizens who want to learn Russian and prepare for admission to a Russian university.

Training can be provided on a fee-paying basis and within the Russian Government quota.

Tuition fee - 140,000 RUB

The Preparation for Admission to a Medical University program

The program aims to:

  • prepare for biology, chemistry, and physics entrance exams*
  • prepare for studying in Russian at a medical university

While pursuing the program, attendees participate in events aimed at adapting to life and study in a new country.

Duration: 9 months (December – August).

The Preparatory Department employs teachers who are proficient in English and are experienced in using a mediator language in their work. Among them are Doctors and Candidates of Sciences as well as certified specialists in teaching Russian as a foreign language.

The Preparatory Department attendees are accommodated in the dormitory for the entire period of study. Its infrastructure includes classrooms and a workout room. Besides, students can use the university library resources for independent study.

*Required for admission to the Medical Biophysics specialty

+7 391 228-07-21


  • 31.05.01 General Medicine RU,  EN
  • 31.05.03 Dentistry  RU,  EN
  • 31.05.02 Pediatrics
  • 33.05.01 Pharmacy
  • 30.05.03 Medical Cybernetics
  • 32.05.01 Preventive Medicine
  • 37.05.01 Clinical Psychology
  • 30.05.02 Medical Biophysics

English-taught programs

  • General Medicine, the qualification of Physician, duration - 6 years
  • Dentistry, the qualification of Dentist, duration - 5 years

The Visa and Migration Support Department of the International Student Office consults applicants from visa countries on invitations and student visas, fingerprinting, and migration registration:
+7 391 220-02-21

The Department of International Education of the International Student Office consults applicants on the learning process, health insurance, and organizational problems:
+7 391 228-07-21

Internships and employment

Starting from the first year of university studies, students gain practical experience at the patient's side. A great number of practical training hours are an important feature of studying at KrasSMU.

Students receive practical training at more than 200 healthcare institutions in the city of Krasnoyarsk and the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Full-time students have the right to work in their free time.

If international students successfully pass their exam, they can obtain a permit for medical activities as mid-level health providers even before graduation.

Life at KrasSMU

  • All international students are accommodated in the dormitory located within walking distance of the university’s main building
  • The university staff members provide support in the learning process, assistance in solving organizational problems, and visa and migration support during the entire period of study
  • The adaptation program: each group of international students is assigned an advisor
  • International students can get tuition fees based on academic merit and active participation in extracurricular activities
  • Starting from the first year, students participate in scientific, creative and sports events, the life of student associations, and volunteering. International students always represent the university at university and inter-university concerts and competitions and take an active part in events associated with national holidays
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