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TSU today

  • 10 institutes that provide training in a wide range of areas of engineering, natural science, humanities, economics and law
  • More than 22,000 students from 21 countries
  • Togliatti State University is the leader in the introduction of innovations into learning process management.
  • TSU is the winner of the Russian Federation Government Award for Quality (2009, 2019)
  • TSU is a participant of the federal program of strategic academic leadership "Priority-2030"
  • TSU is a participant of the Russian program of advanced engineering schools
  • TSU programs are accredited by the Association for Engineering Education of Russia and are recognized worldwide
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Software Engineering

Software Engineering with the NewGen University is a high-quality online training program for Junior and Middle programmers. Our program is designed with modern job market requirements.

You will gain a unique set of competencies that help you become an effective software developer in an international IT company. Join our program today and take the first step towards a rewarding career!

Stage 1. “Junior”

The first stage of training (“Junior”) will be focused on knowledge and skills that you are going to receive and are required to quickly become effective at work. Key competencies are writing and testing code under strict specification debugging errors collaborating with other team members being responsible and diligent.

Stage 2. “Middle”

The second stage (“Middle”) will strengthen you in decision making and to engineer software using a wide range of modern frameworks and methodologies. Key competencies are efficiently using the chosen programming language dealing with complicated tasks that require non-standard engineering approaches decomposing complex tasks and delegating them to junior colleagues.

Stage 3. “Specialist”

At the third stage of training a student is about preparing his graduation thesis and also gets the opportunity to choose one of the large sectors of specialization from our industrial or scientific partner. After graduation you will be able to effectively solve the tasks.

Tuition fee per year 990 USD

What does training consist of?

Simulators and code auto-verification

During the training period, you will constantly learn programming skills and will enhance your programming ability. The Gradescope automated verification service developed at the University of California in Berkeley will immediately evaluate your accuracy and will mark comments and errors.

Lectures and webinars

There are video lectures, mind notes, MCQs and text book solutions that have only the most useful, relevant and clearly structured information, as well as unique materials from our experts. You will get a deep perspective of your chosen field of development through understanding of our programming courses.

Team work

Here you will find how to work in international distributed teams through-end to-end project activities, soft skill development courses and see yourself as a Scrum Master, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Tester.

Cases from employers

Perform real cases in real time from IT partner companies of NewGen University. This will give you an effective real time solution to a real problem and you will be noticed by employers. Your high quality case can be included in the portfolio.

Mutual evaluation

Here you will get to improve your teamwork skills and can check the quality of assignments and cases solved by other students and conduct a code review.


Here you will find out ”from the course” how the corporate work processes and arranges in IT companies. You will go through training and on-job training courses, performing real tasks of the employer. We will help you to find the while on the job training courses.

Professional development environments

Learn how to program in well established development environments used by the world's most significant software developers.

Digital Learning Support Ecosystem

Get immediate solutions to any issue with the help of the comfortable system of digital services of NewGen University.

Areas of Employment

  • IT companies developing or implementing software
  • IT divisions of companies, organizations and institutions using innovative digital technologies in business process management.
  • Divisions of municipal and state organizations driving digital transformation of government services
  • Teams creating startups using IT technologies

Professions of Students and Graduates

  • Software Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • QA Engineer
  • Startup Owner
  • Network Engineer
  • IT Manager
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