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Pirogov RNRMU is a leading medical university in the Russian Federation that trains physicians, pharmacists, clinical psychologists, social workers, and research staff.

VK – @rnimupirogov
Telegram – @daily_2med

Tuition fees per year

Bachelor’s and Specialist’s programs 350,000 – 950,000 RUB

Master’s programs 150,000 – 450,000 RUB

Residency programs 520,000 – 550,000 RUB

PhD programs 410,000 – 450,000 RUB

Preparatory department  – 320,000 RUB

Educational programs

Specialist’s programs

  • General Medicine RU, EN

General Medicine RU
Fundamental Medicine RU

  • Pediatrics RU
  • Dentistry RU, EN
  • Medical Biochemistry RU
  • Medical Biophysics RU
  • Medical Cybernetics

Medical Informatics RU
Bioinformatics RU

  • Pharmacy RU
  • Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology in Healthcare RU
Clinical Psychology RU
Clinical Psychology in Education RU

  • Employment Psychology

Medical Safety RU

  • Fundamental and Applied Biology

Biomedicine RU

Bachelor’s programs

  • Biology RU
  • Social Work RU


Application opening date – June 20, 2024 года

Application closing date – July 10, 2024

Exams – July 11-25, 2024

Start of the academic year – September 1, 2024

Foreign citizens can apply:

  • based on the results of the Unified State Exams
  • based on the results of entrance exams held by the university

You can apply in person or in electronic format

Applicant’s Personal Account

The opportunity to enroll on a fee-paying basis/for free

Foreign citizens, stateless persons and compatriots permanently living abroad are entitled to higher education in Russia.

  • Under the paid educational services agreements
  • In state-funded places (for free)
  1. the Russian Government scholarship (quota)
  2. on equal terms with Russian citizens according to the international agreements
  3. on equal terms with Russian citizens as part of the program to support compatriots living abroad

Entrance exams

Bachelor’s/Specialist’s/Master’s programs

  • computer-based testing (offline or using distance technologies and online proctoring)

PhD programs

  • in oral form (offline)

Residency programs

  • computer-based testing (offline)

All exams (except for foreign language entrance exams and exams for those applying for educational programs delivered by the university using English as a mediator language) are held in Russian.

Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Director of the Institute of Global Medicine

Nadezhda Bylova

+7 495 434-22-66, ext. 20-30
+7 903 763-13-97

Department of Admission to Higher Professional Education Programs

Head of the Department

Elizaveta Korotkaya

+7 495 434-31-74

List of documents

  • Application
  • Passport or any other document that confirms the foreign citizen’s identity and is recognized by the Russian Federation as such, with the original official translation into Russian
  • Visa (for citizens of countries that maintain a visa regime of entry and stay in the territory of the Russian Federation), migration card, temporary registration, if the applicant stays in Russia, and voluntary health insurance policy covering reparation, if necessary

Online form of the “Invitation for Visa Application” request

They should wait for an invitation for visa for at least 1 (one) month.

  • Original academic credential with certified translation into Russian
  • Certificate of foreign education recognition in the Russian Federation if such a certificate is required when submitting an academic credential issued in a foreign state

Recognition of foreign education
Procedure for recognition of foreign education

  • Referral from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education to study within the quota established by the Russian Government (if any)
  • Copy of medical certificate confirming the absence of medical contraindications to studying, the results of chest X-ray, HIV infection, HBs, syphilis, and tuberculosis tests with translations, if necessary

You can submit your documents in person or in electronic format via the university’s electronic information system

Practical training and employment

Training is provided at the university clinics established at the leading healthcare centers in the city of Moscow and the university’s clinical departments. The university also has a state-of-the-art simulation center and a center for accreditation of specialists to obtain a permit for medical activities.

The university actively cooperates with research institutes and centers of the Russian Academy of Sciences and educational and medical institutions in Russia, former USSR countries, and other foreign countries. The university established a reference center for world-class preclinical translational studies.

Students take an active part in research. Students are engaged in research activities through student science clubs specializing in therapeutics, pediatrics, surgery, fundamental sciences, and humanities integrated into the student scientific society.

What professions require the acquired knowledge

Pirogov RNRMU of the Ministry of Health of Russia is a leading medical university in the Russian Federation that trains physicians, pharmacists, clinical psychologists, social workers, and research staff.

Employment opportunities for foreign citizens in Russia and in their home countries

Employment of foreign citizens in Russia after graduation:

  1. To become entitled to carry out medical activities, they should undergo primary accreditation. Recent graduates are welcome at outpatient clinics, first-aid stations, hospitals and private clinics, resort houses, dispensaries, military hospitals, welfare offices, etc. Physicians have ample opportunities to move up the career ladder to the positions of department heads and physicians-in-chief. If desired, physicians can get employed and work at a private health care institution.
  2. To obtain a medical specialization, they should pursue clinical residency programs.
  3. To become entitled to conduct research, they should pursue PhD programs.

While studying, students can

  • Find a job at the university departments as laboratory assistants, at the Admission Office (for summer), at the deans’ offices, and at other administrative departments.
  • Be certified to obtain a permit for medical activities as mid-level personnel and get employment assistance (fourth- and sixth-year students should be in good academic standing). Certification is free.

Certification for obtaining a permit for medical activities as mid-level personnel

Employment of foreign citizens in their home countries

After homecoming, you should confirm your right to carry out medical activities by means of the accreditation procedure. We recommend that you check out the recommended universities on the website of the medical council in your country when you plan to study in a foreign country. This list will include the universities whose graduates will be able to get admission for accreditation.

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