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Bangladesh ranks among the most populous developing countries. A great number of highly qualified specialists in a wide range of sectors are required for the development and growth of the country’s economy. High-quality education and in-demand professions will become an essential component of a successful future. What fields of study are chosen by Bangladeshi applicants? What arouses Bangladeshis’ interest in studying in Russia? Pavel Dvoichenkov, Head of the Rossotrudnichestvo Representative Office in Bangladesh, talks about these aspects and the scope of humanitarian and awareness-building work in Bangladesh.

About the ambitious cultural agenda

Being a kind of cultural guide, the Russian House in Dhaka organizes a great number of interesting events dedicated to the figures of Russian culture and science, public holidays in Russia, and promotion of Russian education. It also organizes screenings of Russian motion pictures and documentaries. Every event finds its spectators and participants and inevitably arouses interest.

For example, at the seminar held to celebrate the Day of the National Flag of Russia, the students of the Shimulia Government Primary School in Dhaka found out about the origin of the flag of the Russian Federation and the symbolic meaning of the colors of the stripes of the Russian tricolor. The students drew the Russian flag and asked some questions about Russian culture and traditions with curiosity.

Great interest was aroused by the Russian Film Festival and Photo Exhibition titled "Russia's Contribution to the Post-War Situation at Chittagong Port" organized at Stamford University. During the two days, the visitors of the festival watched several Soviet motion pictures and around ten documentaries about culture, lifestyle, education, recent scientific developments and the tourism potential of Russia.

The event, dedicated to celebration of the 205th anniversary of the birth of Ivan Turgenev, brought together more than 500 guests at Dhaka College. The students of the universities in Dhaka and participants of Russian language courses at the Russian House organized a theatrical performance with a presentation highlighting Ivan Turgenev’s life and work and a recital of excerpts from works and poems by the great poet.

Education vector

Most of the Russian House’s efforts are devoted to raising Bangladeshis’ awareness of the opportunities to study in Russia. First of all, we are talking about the Russian Government quota that allows them to study for free. We also tell them about short-term programs, such as “New Generation,” and Russian language courses organized at the Russian House.

In the pre-school and secondary education system of Bangladesh, the Russian language is not included in the curricula of main or supplementary programs and is not studied optionally. In these conditions, we consistently promote and strengthen the position of the Russian language. From mid 2023 to the present day, the Russian House has increased the number of Russian learning groups from 2 to 6. Today, more than 100 students take courses in a consistent manner. Some of them are prospective students of Russian universities.

Not long ago, the participants of Russian language courses at the Russian House held an event, dedicated to the 215th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian writer Nikolai Gogol, jointly with St. Joseph International School. It brought together more than 500 students from ten schools in Dhaka. The busy agenda of the event included the acquaintance with the biography of the great Russian prose writer, playwright, poet, critic and journalist Nikolai Gogol, his works, and myths and legends about him.

We are happy to see Russian universities actively joining in awareness-building work in this area. For example, the teachers of Dagestan State Pedagogical University named after R. Gamzatov conducted short-term Russian language courses for 300 students at the Institute of Modern Languages of Dhaka University. The International Forum on Russian Language in Asia was held jointly with the Association of Teachers of Literature and Russian Language at the partner platform of Malika University College.

To provide an additional motivation to learn Russian, we make efforts to open the rooms of the Russian world jointly with major Bangladeshi universities and colleges for humanities, such as Stamford University, State University of Bangladesh in Dhaka, Daffodil International University, Dhaka College and Notre Dame College.

Graduates of Soviet universities

Bangladesh has developed a particular interest in the Russian language after the Bengali people won the Liberation War and declared their independence in 1971, when the USSR rendered comprehensive assistance in the restoration of Bangladesh’s infrastructure and economy as well as agreed to train national personnel, providing free tuition opportunities for Bangladeshi students financed out the funds of the union budget.

The Soviet Alumni Association, Bangladesh, that was established later, has become a key factor of presence of the Russian language in the country of stay. At the moment, the Association has more than 6,000 registered members. The organization takes an active part in preparing and holding cultural and memorial events jointly with Russian House and supports and increases interest both in Russia and the Russian language.

Graduates work in almost all sectors of the economy and social life of their country. They hold senior positions at government authorities, commercial entities, and non-governmental organizations. Educational cooperation is still very important today, in particular, in the context of training highly qualified personnel to operate the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant.

Education in Russia – focus on promoting an interest

During the past year, the Russian House in Dhaka put a lot of effort into the promotion of Russian education. It is based on creation of awareness among Bangladeshi applicants about the opportunities to study at Russian universities, within the Russian Government quota in particular. Online and offline school and college seminars and meetings with the representatives of Russian universities pay off.

For the 2024-2025 academic year, the number of quota places allocated for

Bangladeshi students, has increased to 124, which is 14 places more, compared with the previous year. At the same time, we can see an increase in the number of submitted applications. In 2023, there were five applicants per place. Medical and engineering specialties as well as professions related to engineering technologies are most popular among applicants. In general, this meets the needs of the national economy that requires highly qualified personnel for power engineering (including atomic engineering), medicine, civil engineering, and transport.

And here it is worth reminding that Russian language proficiency is considered an additional advantage when selecting candidates to study within the Russian Government quota. This factor inspires an interest in the language to a large extent.

Factors of attractiveness

Russian education has a reputation as high-quality education, using advanced technologies and digital tools to organize the educational process and engage business figures during the learning process to ensure a practice-oriented approach.

Russia is the recognized world leader in training mathematicians, physicists, chemists, geologists, engineers, programmers, physicians, and specialists in other fields of natural science. This is confirmed by the positions of Russian universities in international rankings such as ARWU (Academic Ranking of World Universities), QS World University Rankings, THE (THE World University Rankings). Here you can gain fundamental knowledge in a wide variety of fields of study and majors. Russian universities have centuries-old traditions and are highly experienced in working with international students.

A wide range of universities and educational programs is a definite advantage. There are almost 750 universities, including 29 national research universities, ten federal universities and two universities with special status: Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State University.

They offer more than 400 fields of study, from mathematics and natural sciences

to art and culture. A wide range of study programs is available at all levels of education. In Russia, you can choose from 650 majors. There are pre-university training programs and short-term programs, Russian as a foreign language programs, and continuing education programs such as professional retraining and advanced training programs.

When it comes to paid options, affordable tuition fees are one of the key factors. Tuition fees at Russian universities are way lower than those at universities in the USA, Canada, and Great Britain. Moreover, the quality of Russian education is recognized worldwide. At the same time, Russia is one of the few countries providing foreigners with the opportunity to study for free in state-funded places.

Students have the opportunity to get scholarships and grants, etc. We could give you a longer list of benefits of studying in Russia.

And, last but not least, high living standards with well-developed infrastructure and affordable services make Russia even more attractive.

About our plans

Now the platform of the Russian House in Dhaka is at the closing stage of overhaul, and we will open a lot of educational, creative and sports clubs, starting in July. We also plan to open the Russian Language Speaking Club.

In the second half of the current year, we plan to celebrate an exceptionally remarkable date – the 50th anniversary of our Russian House that was established in 1974. We will offer our friends and guests an interesting program, including a concert, a festival of Soviet and Russian movies, and the opening of several photo exhibitions at once. Follow us on our social media, and you will always be welcome at our Russian House.

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