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Saint Petersburg Pediatric University has been teaching medical art and best practices in Russian healthcare for 100 years already. The university has one of the largest children’s hospitals and the facility where students acquire their practical skills. State-of-the-art equipment, a full range of clinical and diagnostic studies, all fields of medicine related to the health of children aged 0-18, — all of this is concentrated in one place. The Pediatric University offers its students a unique opportunity to learn from true professionals, the best doctors in Russia, and advance and develop themselves in their profession.

Become a sought-after specialist with Saint Petersburg Pediatric University!

Everything about admission

Tuition fees

191,200 – 330,000 RUB

The university is committed to continuous development. Its permanent goal is to launch new fields of studies, put new technologies into practice and share experience with colleagues. Every year the university researchers publish around 4,000 academic papers cited by distinguished medicine and psychology scientists, and students and professors win numerous international competitions.

Fields of study

  • General Medicine RU/EN
  • Pediatrics RU
  • Dentistry RU/EN
  • Preventive Medicine RU
  • Clinical Psychology RU

Dean’s Office for International Students

+7 812 333-49-79

Visa and Registration Department

+7 812 295-69-26

Preparatory Department

Preparatory Department

The department offers pre-university training programs for applicants, residents, and PhD students.

The Russian language program is designed to learn the language from scratch to the TORFL-1 (B1) level, which is required for admission to higher education institutions in the Russian Federation. In addition to learning the language of the social sphere, students master the basics of the language of their future profession and participate in activities aimed at successful sociocultural adaptation of foreign citizens in Russia.

The programs for natural science disciplines (chemistry, biology, physics) are aimed at improving knowledge of the above subjects to the extent specified in general educational programs of the Russian Federation, which is required for passing the university entrance exams.

The preparatory course for future residents and PhD students includes two units:

  • General Russian (TORFL-1 level)
  • Russian for medicine

Upon completion of the course, students take final exams in all disciplines and obtain the SPbSPMU certificate of the preparatory course completion.

Abdul Naved Abdul Subhan, the sixth-year student, India

I come from the city of Chennai, India, the administrative center of the Tamil Nadu state. Now I am in my sixth year at the Pediatric University in Saint Petersburg, and I am getting accreditation to become a physician with a university degree. I am planning to pursue a residency program in Ophthalmology. I dream of becoming an ophthalmic surgeon.

There were no physicians in my family, and I will be the first one. When I realized that my desire to help people determined my choice of profession, my family supported me. A friend of mine, who then studied at one of the Saint Petersburg universities, advised me to go to Russia. He told me about the Pediatric University and said that it is one of the best medical universities in Russia. The tuition fees turned out to be quite reasonable, with high-quality training. That’s how I found myself here.

In the beginning, I had some difficulties, because I didn’t speak Russian. I studied the language throughout the first year, and my Russian was getting better with each passing year. Now I speak well enough to successfully communicate with the people around me.

If I decide to come back to India after graduation, I will have to pass exams in test format, in other words, undergo a three-stage accreditation. I think that all countries follow this process. After you complete your studies at the Pediatric University, it is not so difficult to obtain accreditation because the level of theoretical and practical knowledge, that I acquired here, is very high. My acquaintances, who graduated from this university, easily passed all the tests in their home country.

My friends ask me whether to apply to the Pediatric University or not. I write to my compatriots that they definitely should apply. Our teachers treat international students very well. Studying is not easy, but then you will become a good specialist. Besides, we have the opportunity to pursue an English-taught program.

I’ve had plenty of awesome impressions during my university years. Saint Petersburg is the most beautiful city in the world. I’ve made a lot of friends. These are my fellow students and students from other universities. I used to live in a dormitory, but later it became possible to live in rented accommodation. What I like most about the university is the Russian people and their kind attitude. Russians are kind-hearted and are happy to help with some issues or challenges. My plans for the near future are to continue my studies and stay and work in Russia.

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