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The University of Civil Aviation is the largest Russian aviation education center with a well-developed branch network in Khabarovsk, Yakutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Buguruslan, Vyborg.

The educational programs developed by the university and its modern infrastructure allow it to provide ongoing professional training of top-class specialists for Russia's aviation industry, including pilots, air traffic controllers, engineers, managers, economists, lawyers.

All our graduates are sought after by aviation enterprises and in other economic sectors, have stable high income and good career prospects!
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Tuition fees per year, full-time study

Bachelor's programs 236,000 – 320,000 RUB

Specialist's programs 495,000 RUB

Master's programs 366,020 RUB

PhD programs 305,000 – 349,000 RUB


  • The university's modern facilities and resources
  • Quality and continuity of training of air transport specialists based on modernization of educational programs, introduction of digital technologies, intensification of integration of the learning process, research and production
  • Highly qualified academic staff and instructors
  • Development of existing and new priority areas of air transport research, efficient use and building of research capacity
  • Expansion of international cooperation in implementation of educational programs and research

Internship and Career Opportunities

The university organizes and provides all kinds of internships and employment opportunities at enterprises of various economic sectors.

International graduates of the University of Civil Aviation from Angola, Cameroon, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and other countries are successfully employed by air transport enterprises all over the world.

Operation of Aircraft and Air Traffic Management

Popular fields of study

  • Flight Operations Management

Faculty of Flight Operation

Civil aircraft pilot has a set of knowledge, including knowledge of rules and procedures for flight control and aircraft navigation, air traffic management, skills of calculating flight parameters and maximum permissible aircraft loading, evaluating the meteorological and aeronautical situation, aircraft technical condition, an ability to control threat and error factors during the flight of a manned aircraft, control the performance of aircraft systems and equipment at all flight stages, execute special and emergency procedures and maneuvers related to failures and faults of aircraft equipment.

Civil aircraft pilot is an engineer who has hard skills of using flight technique, can use navigation methods, knows how to operate state-of-the-art functional aircraft systems and power plants.

After graduation from the university, our graduates are ready to operate modern aircraft equipped with the most complex electronic and hydraulic/mechanical control systems, electronic and computer technology, automatic control systems and navigation systems, performance monitoring systems for functional systems and equipment.

  • Air Traffic Management

Faculty of Flight Operation

Air traffic controller is knowledgeable about the airspace structure, air traffic service, rules and procedures for operating air traffic service equipment, can act in emergency and search and rescue operations.

Our graduates are professionally trained for completing a whole range of works related air traffic service at a particular control point (sector) of air traffic service. Students have the opportunities to show themselves at manufacturing site and get references for further employment as early as during training while undertaking an internship.

  • Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Management

Faculty of Airports and Flight Engineering Support

Aircraft maintenance and repair engineer is knowledgeable about the structure of aircraft and helicopters of various types, aircraft operation, skills of using technical documentation and aircraft equipment maintenance regulations.

University graduates are able to carry out maintenance and repair of aircraft equipment, in particular, to follow aircraft airworthiness maintenance guidelines, record the resource and technical condition of aircraft equipment, plan aircraft maintenance and repair, control the completeness and quality of work.

Modern flight and navigation procedure trainers and full flight simulators of training aircraft are used to maintain students' aviation skills during theoretical classes and to undergo practical navigation and flight training with the participation of instructors of the simulation center and flight and engineering center.

The university has 121 training aircraft and its own training aerodrome for safe and efficient operation of training aircraft in the daytime and at night.

The university's simulation facilities

  • Simulators such as Diamond DA 40NG, Cessna 172S, Diamond DA 42NG for initial training of commercial civil aviation pilots, An-148, B-737, A-320, CRJ-200 for continuing professional education
  • Air traffic control simulators such as Sintez, Navigator, Expert

Contact Information

38, Pilotov Street, Saint Petersburg
+7 812 704-18-63

Admission Office
+7 812 704-15-57
+7 911 712-34-03

International Students Department

+7 812 704-18-97

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