Selection of International Applicants for Studying in Russia Has Begun

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As the new academic year begins, the selection for receiving the government quota for studying in Russia has started. It is targeted at foreign nationals, non-citizens and fellow citizens living abroad permanently.

As a rule, the selection consists of two steps:

  1. Russian foreign institutions receive filled-out questionnaires, photographs and document scans from applicants. If the application is approved, the foreign nationals are invited to take selection exams. Then the list of pre-selected applicants is formed according to the exam results and the quota for each country. At this step, applicants must provide medical certificates with negative tests for certain diseases and an essay if needed. In some cases, the documents may be returned to the applicant for further correction. After that, the results of the first selection step are sent to the according to ministry.
  2. The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and educational institutions make the final selection from the candidates that have completed the first step successfully. The lists and the dossiers of the candidates are sent to the educational institutions of their choice that inform the applicants about the arrival deadlines and required additional documents in each individual case.

Russian educational institutions offer programs of secondary, secondary vocational and higher education, as well as an opportunity to receive advanced training and a second degree.

The following programs are available:

  • bachelor's degree, master's degree, doctoral studies
  • 1 to 12-month-long internships
  • Summer school of Russian as a foreign language
  • Summer school for teachers of Russian as a foreign language

In case the applicant's command of Russian language is not sufficient, he or she can take a 1-year-long preparatory course of Russian language at the preparatory department.

The quota application acceptance period is September, 1st — November, 31st at

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