South Ural State University. Enrollment campaign 2022

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Master’s programs
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English-taught programs
international students from 56 countries
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South Ural State University is one of the Russian higher education leaders, the region's center for innovative development in Digital Industry, Material Science, and Ecology.

The university’s advantage is high-quality education at affordable prices.

  • 20 research and education centers
  • 3 research institutes
  • 12 international laboratories
  • 3 research equipment sharing centers
  • 46 small innovative enterprises

Multilingual website
VK – @susu4you

Tuition fees

1,800 – 2,800 USD

Application calendar (full-time and part-time studies)

Entrance exams

For persons taking SUSU's internal exams – creativity exams. June 20 – July 10
For persons having compatriot status who take SUSU's internal exams – exams in general subjects (state-funded courses). June 20 – July 20
For persons having compatriot status who apply for Master's programs (state-funded courses). June 20 – July 25
For persons applying for fee-paying courses. June 20 – August 30

Start – September 1

Required documents

  • International passport
  • Document confirming previous education
  • Translations of documents into Russian

Entrance exams are held in test format or individually in interview format

Any questions? Feel free to contact us

International Student Support

+7 902 607-99-64 (WhatsApp, Telegram)
+7 351 272-30-86

Free tuition opportunities

  • International students who have compatriot status may apply for the state-funded courses on equal terms with Russian citizens after they successfully pass the university's internal exams
  • Applicants from non-CIS countries have an opportunity to get the Russian Government scholarship
  • In 2021, 618 international students, including 100 people from non-CIS countries, were admitted to SUSU getting the study quota for free

Apply to SUSU now

  1. Choose a major
  2. Contact us via
  3. Fill in the application form

Foundation program for international students

Languages of instruction: RU, EN
Study areas: social sciences and humanities, engineering and technology, medicine and biology, natural sciences
Duration – 1 year
Tuition fee ≈ 1,300 USD

Zivana Amr, Syria

It’s very difficult to move to another country and study a new language. But, when you get acquainted with the people, believe me, everything will be awesome, they are very kind. No matter what language you speak because the feelings needn’t be translated. I love Chelyabinsk and SUSU.

Partner employers

  • Emerson
  • SMS Group
  • Siemens
  • Samsung
  • Kaspersky Laboratory
  • Sberbank
  • Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works
  • the Roscosmos State Corporation
  • the Rosatom State Corporation, and many others.

International laboratories

  • Great Britain
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • India
  • France
  • Slovakia
  • Mexico
  • South Africa
Yaro Abubakar, Côte d'Ivoire

It’s important to undergo practical training while pursuing a Master’s degree. And I am happy with the number of hours of practical training in psychology that allowed me to easily work on theoretical material. My fellow students who already work as psychologists always share the information with me. All this stimulated me to pursue science, and I’m planning to embark on a PhD degree.

Popular programs in English 

Bachelor’s programs

  • Fundamental Computer Science and Information Technology. Informatics and Computer Science
  • Mechatronics and Robotics. Mechatronics
  • Food Technology and Catering. Functional Foods and Nutrition
  • Economics. International Economics and Trade

Master’s programs

  • Mathematics. Partial Differential Equations
  • Applied Mathematics and Physics. Biophotonics and Physical Methods for Human Beings
  • Chemistry. Chemistry for Environmental Engineering
  • Construction. Digitalization in Architecture and Construction
  • Heat and Power Engineering. Heat Power Engineering
  • Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Electrical Power Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering. Welding Engineering
  • Technological Machinery and Equipment. Hydraulic Machines, Hydraulic Drives and Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control Systems
  • Mechatronics and Robotics. Mechatronics
  • Biotechnology. Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology
  • Economics. International Business
  • Management. Strategic and Innovation Marketing
  • Finance and Credit. Financial Markets and Institutions
  • Law. Law and Digital Technologies
  • Journalism. Media Communications
  • Philology. Theory and Practice of English
Yujin Wang, China

Studying in a different country definitely makes a specialist more competitive and gives them a great advantage while studying a foreign language because it allows them to immerse themselves in the cultural and language environment.

SUSU Campus

  • One of the best and the largest in Russia
  • Located in the center of Chelyabinsk
  • Nine dormitories within walking distance of the educational buildings
  • The culture and recreation park, the student medical center, a swimming pool, gyms, and the shopping center
Bahtiyor Qosimov, Uzbekistan

I can confidently say that I've fulfilled myself as a future researcher at SUSU. The university has created a favorable environment for training in the field of power engineering. Not only did I gain new knowledge, but I also got new experience in working on complex scientific problems. And I’m going back to my native country with this experience.

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