Higher School of Music of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

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Higher School of Music (HSM) is the only educational institution in the Russian Far East with a multilevel system of professional music education.

Starting from the first days of their studies, international students are engaged in concert and educational activities. They are members of on-stage performance groups of the philharmonic for children and young people.

The language of instruction is Russian.

Graduates are employed by the Russian culture and art institutions and are successful soloists, musicians, and concertmasters of the top orchestras in Germany, India, South Korea, China, Greece, Morocco, and Chile.

70% of students become musicians of the symphony orchestras in Yakutia and work as teachers and concertmasters even before graduation from HSM.

Why HSM?

  • The best traditions of Russian music pedagogy
  • The campus is located in the environmentally clean zone of the scenic natural area. Studying and living on the campus promotes the creation and development of the creative atmosphere
  • Master classes from Professors of the top Russian music universities
  • High HSM graduate employment rate

The HSM campus is located in the forest zone, 16 km from the city of Yakutsk. The campus comprises 52 facilities with all the infrastructure required for successful solution of educational tasks and the creation of an excellent environment for comfortable accommodation, nutrition, and health improvement of students.

Tuition fee per year

280 000 RUB*

*Including tuition and campus accommodation fees

Concert Performance Art

  • Piano
  • Concert String Instruments (violin, alto, cello, harp, and double bass)
  • Concert Wind and Percussion Instruments (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, French horn, and tuba)

Duration: 5 years

Qualification: Concert performer. Teacher

Music and Dramatic Art

  • Opera Singing Art

Duration: 5 years

Qualification: Solo singer. Teacher


Students are admitted to Specialist’s programs if they have secondary vocational education or higher education.

Students are admitted on a competitive basis. The competitive entrance exams include:

  • Creativity exam (solo program)
  • Professional exam (Harmony and Solfeggio)
  • Interview
  • Russian language
  • Literature

Applicants may take online entrance exams.

VK – @vschoolmus
Youtube – @user-hi7kf9nf8u

Приемная комиссия

+7 4112 316-003
vshkolamus@mail.ru marked “for the Admission Office”

Preparatory courses

Applicants who do not have TORFL-1 certificates (В1 level) can take a preparatory course at the partner organizations.

The course includes:

  • Russian as a Foreign Language (reaching TORFL-1 level)
  • Individual classes on major subjects
  • Group classes on musical and theoretical subjects

Duration – 1 year

Tuition fee from 150,000 RUB

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