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Over the last years, Yakut cinema has not been called otherwise than cinematic wonder. No wonder Yakut movies often outstrip Western movies and main Russian hits at Russian movie theaters. In 2022, around 225,000 tickets were sold for 28 Yakut movies. Movies of all genres, from comedies and horror movies to historical dramas, are made here. Auteur movies regularly participate in festival screenings and win well-deserved awards.

Yakut cinema is about sincerity in harsh and ascetic landscapes and interiors, about mundane dramas, and about social pains. Yakut cinema is always about people.

Must-See Movies

Private Cheerin (2021)

This is a war thriller about the intense battles of 1943 and a Yakut hunter who has to engage in a sniper duel with a professional German shooter. This is a breathtaking movie about snipers and reconnaissance scouts’ work at the front line. It is based on the war story Egor Cheerin by Timofey Smetanin.

The Sun Above Me Never Sets (2019)

This is a feel-good movie about the timeless problem of fathers and sons. Two representatives of different generations meet at an outlying island near the Laptev Sea. One of them is a young man named Altan, a typical representative of contemporary society. The second one is an old man named Baybal, a follower of old traditions and the living epitome of Yakut culture. They have a common objective to find Baybal’s daughter.

Scarecrow (2020)

This is a poignant drama about a person carrying a heavy burden of loneliness. She is a healer and a hermit. Adults hate her, and children are afraid of her, but if someone has suffered a great misfortune, she is the only chance for salvation. Her gift is her curse, but the dark mystery hidden in the past makes her help people again and again.

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