Best Educational Programs: APPLIED MATHEMATICS


Department of Applied Mathematics and Information Science

Bachelor’s Program


DALINGER, Iakov Mikhailovich

Head of the Department


Teaching staff. Most teaching staff engaged in the implementation of the Bachelor’s programs in Applied Mathematics have academic degrees and titles, including a holder of the title of Honored Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

University partners within the educational program. Alumni can be employed at successfully developing companies such as KT-Unmanned Aircraft Systems, the Pulkovo Regional Data Processing Center, the Vektor Research Institute, the Institute of Transport Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Students’ and alumni’s achievements. Students participate in scientific research and practical conferences and contests. They have publications in the following collections: Physics-Mathematical System Modeling: Abstracts of the International Seminars; Proceedings of the International conference “IT technologies of Intelligent Decision-Making Support.”

Facilities and resources. The university has the latest facilities and necessary resources for providing theoretical and practical training for Bachelors in Applied Mathematics.

If necessary, the university utilizes facilities and resources of partner enterprises to carry out theoretical teaching and practical training processes.

Students doing a Bachelor’s degree have access to the university internet.

Opportunities for students. Students acquire knowledge and skills in various areas of Mathematics and Information Technologies using computer technology. They get competences in collecting primary data, processing research findings and complex data analysis, choosing the best way to solve problems, creating conditions for health and labor safety, developing mathematical models and sketches to imitate parameters and characteristics of objects and systems in vitro, using standard application packages for computer-aided design.

Students have an opportunity to undertake an internship at the civil aviation enterprises.

Alumni work in the field of transport processes automation, for data processing centers and research institutes. Those who wish to perfect themselves in the field of science often get offers from the Russian and foreign research centers which are short of qualified personnel in this field.

Employment prospects. Graduates work as programmers, engineers, data analysts, researchers, algorithmic developers, analysts.