Best Educational Programs: ARCHITECTURE


Department of Architecture and Design

Bachelor’s program


PANFILOV, Aleksandr Vladimirovich

Head of the Department


Awards and achievements of the educational program. This program was recognized as one of the best within the project Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia.

Industrial University of Tyumen also offers a Bachelor's program in Space Architecture.

Teaching staff. The educational program is implemented by the highly qualified teachers having wide experience in designing various construction, city planning and design facilities: V.N. Evseev, Doctor of Philological Sciences; A.V. Panfilov, Candidate of Architectural Sciences; K.N. Zykov, O.L. Kozlovskaia, Associate Professors; A.I. Kliukina, N.A. Prudnikov, V.V. Krylov, A.N. Otradnov, T.L. Frolova, Iu.V. Kurmaz, members of the Union of Architects of Russia, and others.

University partners within the educational program. The Union of Architects of Russia, the Workshop of architect A.V. Tabanakov, the IST Architectural and engineering team, House Building Company.

Students’ achievements. Students win city, regional, Russian, and international contests (the Eurasian review contest of architectural projects, the review contest of the best graduation theses of the Interregional Social Organization for Advancement of Architectural Education, “Art of Building”), show academic excellence in creative architecture and design disciplines (such as Civil and Structural Engineering, Urban Development, Landscape Design), successfully participate in contests of visual creativity (drawing, painting, art drawing).

The best students can be eligible for personal and government scholarships.

Facilities and resources. The dormitories for students of the Institute of Architecture and Design are located near the academic building. The Industrial University of Tyumen has all required facilities and resources providing a comfortable learning environment.

Students can benefit from the Architect sports complex (a swimming pool, a gym and a fitness facility), student organizations related to sports, creative and labor activities.

Students can use computer classrooms to work in professional programs.

Opportunities for students. Students have an opportunity to participate in international, all-Russian, regional and city contests under the supervision of experienced teachers of the department, obtain practical work skills, be eligible for educational grants.

Employment prospects. Architect, urban planner, designer, landscape architect, artist, decorator.