Best Educational Programs: CIVIL ENGINEERING


Department of Structures, Buildings and Facilities,

Department of Construction Materials and Technologies

Bachelor’s program


FEDOROV, Viktor Sergeevich

Head of the Department of Structures, Buildingsand Facilities



GUSEV, Boris Vladimirovich

Head of the Department of Construction Materialsand Technologies


Awards and achievements of the educational program. Since 2013 the educational program has been rated among the best educational programs of the Russian Federation.

A high level of specialist training is proved by numerous achievements of teachers and students, in particular, the first place in the international contest of graduation theses in Greece, the Arthur Rosenfeld Award for the best task solution in the field of energy efficiency in buildings, the grand-prix of the Department of Moscow Government for the territory housing project.

The textbook “Building Structures” and the monograph “Fire Resistance and Fire Safety of Building Structures” were awarded diplomas of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences for the best scientific papers and creative works in the field of architecture, urban development and construction sciences.

Russian University of Transport also offers a Specialist’s program in Construction of Railways, Bridges and Transport Tunnels.

Teaching staff. Specialists are trained by leading famous specialists including B.V. Gusev, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, President of the Russian Engineering Academy; V.S. Fedorov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences; A.M. Belostotskii, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences; Doctors of Engineering Sciences, Professors.

University partners within the educational program. The university cooperates with Moscow University of Civil Engineering, Southwest State University (Kursk) and established the department branches at research institutes.

Students’ and alumni’s achievements. Most alumni are employed at leading engineering organizations (Mosgiprotrans, Metrogiprotrans, etc.), work for major construction organizations, as well as for the services of architectural and constructional surveillance, the housing and utilities sector, the Construction Department of Moscow.

Facilities and resources. Classrooms are equipped with video and information technologies. Non-resident students are accommodated in a comfortable dormitory.

There are libraries with scientific literature and fiction books. Students have an opportunity to do sports at the Palace of Sports.

Opportunities for students. Students acquire skills of scientific and technical information analysis, domestic and foreign experience in design and construction of buildings and structures, utilization of standardized design automatic packages and research outcomes in their course and graduation papers, undertake geology and geodesy internships and work placement and do research at state and private construction engineering enterprises. Students can pursue a Master’s or postgraduate degree.

Employment prospects. Construction engineer, building structures research engineer, foreman, construction supervisor, production engineer, geodesist.