Department of Restoration and Reconstruction of Architectural Heritage

Bachelor’s program


ROMANOVA, Larisa Stepanovna

Head of the Department


Awards and achievements of the educational program. The importance of research and scientific projects in the field of restoration implemented by the department is proved by the grants of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Foundation, diplomas and letters of recognition of international forums, conferences, all-Russian and international review contests.

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Teaching staff. The teaching staff include practitioners such as architects I.Iu. Boltov­skaia, L.S. Romanova, N.V. Saveleva, V.R. Novikov; design engineer E.N. Kolokoltseva; art historians L.I. Ovchinnikova, T.N. Manonina. Students are taught by specialists in preservation of historical and cultural heritage such as E.V. Peretiagina, scientists working in the field of restoration and reconstruction of historical heritage such as Candidates of Architectural Sciences L.S. Romanova, E.V. Sitnikova, Iu.A. Stoiak.

Partners within the educational program. The university cooperates with the Sibspets­proektrestavratsia Siberian Institute, the Tomsk Regional Museum of Local History, the Tomsk Regional Museum of Arts, the Department for Culture and Tourism of Tomsk Region, the center for preservation and use of historical and cultural monuments of the Tomsk Region. It cooperates with foreign specialists from Cottbus University of Techno­logy and Karlsruhe University of Technology (Germany).

Students’ and alumni’s achievements. A high level of students’ scientific and project works is proved by awards of international review contests of graduation theses and course papers in various cities of Russia, the CIS countries, in Florence (Italy). Alumni of the department work in the field of practical restoration, at monument preservation bodies and administrative establishments, pursue a Master’s and postgraduate degree in Russian and foreign cities, are engaged in scientific, teaching and novel design activities.

Facilities and resources. Students can benefit from technically equipped buildings with laboratories, computer classrooms, a library, dormitories, sports complexes, a skating rink, a shooting gallery, a skiing center, a disease screening and prevention center, and a kindergarten. Students take part in mass corporate events of the university, attend clubs and studios.

Opportunities for students. Students undertake their internship in various cities of Russia (Suzdal, Saint Petersburg, Ulan-Ude, Novokuznetsk, Kirillov, Moscow, etc.) and abroad (Germany, Austria). Master’s and postgraduate research is conducted under the supervision of experienced scientists of the Department of Reconstruction and Restoration of Architectural Heritage. Students can pursue a Master’s degree in the field of Restoration in Germany.

Employment prospects. The fields of alumni’s activity include restoration of historical and archirectural monuments, city-planning restoration, reconstruction of existing buildings and structures, adaptation of old buildings to the society’s current needs, design of new buildings and structures in the historical architectural space of cities, interior and architectural space design, research, teaching and administrative activities.