Control in Engineering Systems (Master's program) in Dagestan State Technical University


Dagestan State Technical University

Department of Control and Informatics in Engineering Systems and Computer Engineering

Master's program


SARKAROV Tadzhidin Ekberovich

Head of the Department

Achievements and awards. The educational program underwent professional-public accreditation in 2015. It was the winner of the all-Russian project Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia in 2017.

Teaching staff. Training is provided by the highly qualified teachers and employees of the Institute of Physics of the Dagestan Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Azimuth Research Institute.

Facilities and resources. The department is equipped with state-of-the-art computer technology integrated into the local computer network and located in the laboratories of system software, computer graphics, computer and systems organization, CAD, programming technology, computer science and network technologies. The university has the engineering center of integrated automation of process and manufacturing engineering where the teachers of the department carry out project and research activities in cooperation with students and postgraduate students. There are three laboratories: “Automatic Control Theories,” “Automatic Elements and Devices,” “Information and Data Transfer Theories.”

Research. Numerous research interests of the department include the following: uniform structures in management, navigation and air traffic control systems, earthquake prediction, etc. As part of the program research is conducted in the field of information coding and protection, development of automated process and system control systems.

International projects and programs. The department won silver and bronze medals in the international contest "Archimedes." Students of the department participated and won prizes in the open international INTERNET-polyolympiad. In 2014 student R.B. Kazibekov and postgraduate student Kh. Tagirov implemented the UMNIK grant. The department held the interuniversity contests of graduation theses in Control and Informatics in Engineering Systems. The best papers were submitted for the all-Russian contests of graduation theses where M.A. Alieva became the first student from Dagestan to take the first place in the third tour of the All-Russian olympiad of student graduation theses.

Competitive advantages. This program is classified among the most advanced and prestigious engineering programs. Training in these fields adds to universality of a future specialist and provides knowledge of basic laws and principles of management in information processing. The university boasts experienced teaching staff and unique equipment. Students have an opportunity to get supplementary education.