Economics in Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University

Bachelor’s program


Finance and Accounting in Agribusiness major


Institute of Economics and Management in Agribusiness, Department of Accounting and Statistics


Zinaida Shaporova, Director of the Institute,

Elena Vlasova, Head of the Department

+7 (391) 247-26-35


Accreditation. State accreditation (2021), professional-public accreditation (2020).

Achievements. The program was recognized as one of the best educational programs of innovative Russia in 2022.

Teaching staff. Training for students of this program is provided by the highly qualified academic staff having many years’ experience in personnel training – 13 Doctors of Sciences and 47 Candidates of Sciences, including Honored Worker of Higher Education A.A. Kolesniak, Honored Worker of Science and Technology I.V. Kovalev, Professor at the International Institute of Logistics in Slovenia V.F. Lukinykh, Honorary Worker of Higher Education O.I. Antamoshkina, the best economist of 2021 D.V. Parshukov.

Facilities and resources. Modern lecture halls and classrooms fitted with multimedia equipment, computer classrooms, self-access centers, a hall for business games, and a practice-oriented laboratory of accounting.

Education. Students gain knowledge of business, financial, management and tax accounting, analysis of organizations’ business and financial performance, accounting, analysis and audit of foreign economic activity, forensic accounting expert examination, internal and external audits, automated data processing, statistics, tax and taxation, analysis of bankruptcies, micro- and macroeconomics, and finance.

Research. The leading department’s research interests are the economic mechanism of sustainable development of agribusiness; development of state support for the agribusiness sectors and complexes; improvement of accounting, and evaluation and improvement of performance of agricultural goods producers. Every year the teachers speak at all-Russian, regional and international research and practice and methodology conferences and seminars and participate in the contests for federal and regional grants.

Competitive advantages. The institute’s highly professional staff members train highly qualified economics specialists for agribusiness of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. After graduation, students can pursue a PhD degree, and, if they know a foreign language, they have the opportunity to go abroad on a professional business trip and build a successful teaching career at the university.

Employers and employment. Graduates can work in various areas of the national economy, municipal administration, government authorities, business and financial entities. Possible positions are accountant, auditor, inspector, financial analyst, forensic economics expert, tax office employee, economist at organizations of different forms of incorporation, teacher at secondary vocational education institutions, administrative positions at federal and municipal government agencies.